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The Stunning Success of Russia’s Army Modernization Program (Russian TV News)

Putin: "These measures will allow us to bring the share of modern weaponry and equipment in areas of constant combat readiness, by the end of 2017, to nearly 60%. I'll note that many of the weapons systems have undergone effectiveness testing during anti-terrorist combat operations in the Syrian Arab Republic."

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

One of the most interesting aspects of these reports in the Russian news is how they capture the subtle nuances of Russian affairs which are never covered in western media.

One of the hottest topics is military modernization, and this video is all about that. (Full transcript provided below).

Western reporting on the Russian military is profoundly schizophrenic, one moment Russia is a big scary bear, about to devour the world, the next a rusting remnant of soviet surplus not worth discussing as a serious power.

Naturally, the narrative changes to suit whatever the deep state needs or wants, at times that is a public enemy to pridefully mock, at other times a boogeyman to make sure the Europoors are paying their protection racket Nato dues.

But what is the truth?

The reality is 21st Century Russian Military doctrine is very interesting, highly adaptive and solidly grounded in pragmatic thinking and realpolitik.

It seems like in large, Russia recognizes the folly in trying to match the United States pound for pound, as US Military spending is beyond mentally retarded levels of extreme.

The US spends more money on its military than the rest of the great powers put together. It is sinking the bloated US economy, and so trying to compete with that will bring ruin to the Russian economy.

That doesn't mean Russia is weaker than the US, however, Russia is rather thinking smarter, and taking a quality over quantity approach.

Recent trends in Russian military modernization shows a focus on smaller, regiment-sized units, focused spending, and playing to Russia's strengths using force multipliers to mitigate her weakness, rather than the American approach of throwing money at the problem until it works *cough* F35s *cough*.

Russia may not be able to invade every continent in the world simultaneously, while bombing innocent people into the stone age, and that is for the best, why does she need to do that? What type of horrible monster would do that? (By the way, we at RI are offering a cookie reward for anyone who can guess who that is)

The point is there is one thing Russia can certainly do, brutally annihilate anyone who threatens the Motherland, or the near abroad. And that is all her military needs to do.

Her successful operations in Syria, and drills in Sochi and throughout the world have proven she is more than capable of doing that. Thus it was, thus it is, and thus it will always be.

Video Transcript:


More news from Sochi today, also directly relating to Syria. The President continued the series of meetings with the military and reps of the defense industry. The topic of discussion was the fulfillment of defense contracts and supplying the Army with the latest weaponry, including the units that had already proved their effectiveness in the Middle East.

My colleague Dmitry Petrov reports on what the new Russian weapons are capable of.


State defense contracts are fulfilled strictly according to an approved schedule, and the arms that are supplied to the troops immediately undergo real-combat testing in Syria. In a meeting with the defense industry representatives and heads of the Ministry of Defense, the President summed up the preliminary results for the year.

3 400 of the newest and modernized military units of major categories are already allocated to the troops. They include 16 battleships, 190 modern planes and helicopters, 800 tanks, 170 air defense systems and complexes, 1950 multi-purpose vehicles.

Putin: These measures will allow us to bring the share of modern weaponry and equipment in areas of constant combat readiness, by the end of 2017, to nearly 60%. I'll note that many of the weapons systems have undergone effectiveness testing during anti-terrorist combat operations in the Syrian Arab Republic. Use in real combat situations confirmed the high quality standards of Russian weaponry. Its traditional advantages continue to be ease of use and dependability.


Just now, the Army Aviation Staff Combat and Conversion Training Center number 344, located in Torzhok, received the first production-line of Mi-28UB's from the plant in Rostov-on-Don. They're the latest version of the attack helicopter. Overall, before the end of next year, the plan is to supply the Air Force with 24 rotary-wing machines.

Modernizing the weaponry and military equipment allows for training and improve skills equally in detachments staffed with active-duty personnel, as well as amongst contract forces. Here, we see roadway engineering troops undergo a verification test, practicing a performance objective of installing an antitank mine obstacle along the main line of defense.

Soldier: “We waited for the temperature to drop and for the snow to come in, in order to slightly complicate the performance objectives.”


This year the construction of 6 military airfields in the Arctic have been planned. A new airbase is under construction in Rogachevo, on the Kotelny island and on the Mys Shmidta, the runways are being widened. Tiksi will host front-line aircraft and MiG-31 interceptors. Moreover, interceptors will also be based in Anadyr.

Putin: We need to carefully study and use the practical experience of application of our arms systems, and of course, we need to secure the positive patterns of planning, allocating, and fulfilling state defense contracts. To strive for all links of this inter-connected system to work effectively and in unison.


The power and effectiveness of Russian weaponry are more and more recognized. The President noted that a number of our international partners have already expressed interest in purchasing domestic arms and equipment, and in widening their military-technical collaboration with Russia.

Dmirty Petrov, Oleg Makarov, and Kirill Oksenov, Vesti, Sochi.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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