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Stunning Footage of Deadly Russian Supersonic Bomber Crash Surfaces Online

The Russian heavy bomber literally broke in two upon crash landing in heavy fog. Sadly 3 of the 4 crew died on the spot. One miraculously survived with severe injuries

A horrific video of a Russian Tu-22M3 hypersonic strike bomber in Murmansk - a crash that left two of the fighter's crew members dead and two badly injured - was caught on video.  And the footage has now emerged online.

Highlighted by RT, the video shows the strategic bomber’s approach to an air base in near-zero visibility and the moment it slammed into the airstrip and burst into flames. The video was recorded by a Russian serviceman at the base, which is located near the city of Olenegorsk, and was recently leaked online.

The video shows the heavy fog that was covering the area during the incident, which took place on Jan. 22.

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During the crash-landing, the bomber literally broke apart, with its cabin engulfed in flames while tumbling on the ground.

The plane crashed during what the Russian Ministry of Defense said was a routine training mission. Though initially the ministry said there were no weapons aboard the jet at the time of the crash, later reports indicated that it had been armed with one Kh-22 long-range anti-ship missile and several hundred rounds aircraft cannon ammo. The bomber that was involved in the crash was built 33 years ago, but underwent an overhaul in 2012.

The Nedelin catastrophe, 1960. Russia has a rich history of aeronautical disasters.
Russia is known for its ability to take a hit

Source: Zero Hedge
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