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Streets of Old Aleppo Covered in Hair as 'Moderate Rebels' Shave Their Beards and Run

Once all the rage in Aleppo, jihad beards have suddenly become extremely unpopular

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

A quick update from Aleppo, which is now 85% under Syrian control, according to all reliable reports.

As Aleppo residents rush into government-controlled areas, Al-Qaeda affiliates and other democratic groups encircled by Assad and his allies are shaving their freedom beards and bouncing. Martyrdom will just have to wait, we suppose:

And as the "moderate rebels" (see: extremists who would gladly slit your throat) are hightailing it out of Aleppo, religious tolerance has once again returned to this ancient city:

A simple but important aspect of Assad's "evil regime" in Syria is that it is secular. What a shocking concept, right?

Readers with agile memories might also recall a similar, hair-related story from October, 2015, in which "moderate rebels", faced with Russian airstrikes, shaved their beards and fled to Turkey:

See all that hair? That's what victory looks like.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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