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SouthFront, a Great Creator of Independent, Honest Analysis of Conflict Zones Is at Risk of Failing Unless We Support Them Now

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In August, SouthFront has faced signficant problems with collecting the minimum budget needed to continue its work. So far, the project has collected only about 60% of the needed amount.

SouthFront Is Close To Crisis

If SouthFront does not collect the needed budget in August, the project will be forced to reduce the content production or even to halt its work, at least temporarily, in September.

Earlier this month, SouthFront Team released a 1.5-hour long video on the conflict in Syria, “Russian Military Campaign in Syria 2015-2018” and a military analysis of the Chinese Naval expansion “Chinese Naval Expansion Hits High Gear“.

The project has also started preparing on a documentary on the Turkish-backed factions and Ankara’s strategy in northwestern Syria and a video analysis comparing naval forces of the US, China and Russia as well as other intersting analyses on various topics.

Without immediate help from the audience, SouthFront will not be able to continue its work.


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SouthFront Is Close To Crisis

SouthFront Is Close To CrisisSouthFront Is Close To CrisisSouthFront Is Close To CrisisSouthFront Is Close To CrisisSouthFront Is Close To Crisis


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