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South African Genocide Continues, Media Refuses to Cover It

In the run-up to the transfer of European administered South Africa to globalist banking dynasties, the activities of the insignificant Anti-Apartheid Movement (AAM) were making daily headline news. No matter how small a demonstration outside a South African embassy, the media cameras were there, newsmen drooling over their fantasies about South Africa. The Anti-Apartheid Movement was backed by millions of dollars provided by the governments of Britain, Sweden, Canada, the Netherlands, and other countries.

However, throughout the Western world today, there are now regular and larger demonstrations against the African National Congress (ANC) regime, as well as protests against ongoing violence against the White Afrikaner and ethnic-European minorities in South Africa. Though numerically larger than the AAM, the racist anti-White corporate media refuses to report on the anti-European carnage occurring in Black-ruled South Africa.

Regular protests against South African farm murders and other violence have become a regular occurrence all over the Western world. Over one recent weekend there were demonstrations in both The Hague, Netherlands, and Adelaide, Australia ~ but media considered celebrity trivia and parliamentary tit-for-tats as being far more important.

Right wing cultural groups vow to protect the Paul Kruger statue and heritage sites.

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Right-wing cultural groups vow to protect the Paul Kruger statue and heritage sites.

At the end of May, there was a protest against farm murders and the extermination of the Afrikaner people before the South African embassy at The Hague while a similar march was held in Adelaide, Australia, but again both went unreported. This has prompted Dr. Dan Roodt of PRAAG to tweet that “global protests against farm murders and genocide in SA are now greater than anti-apartheid ever was”.

Dutch flags, but also the Vierkleur of the old ZAR were waved during the demonstration. This followed a previous demonstration on March 24 this year in front of the same South African Embassy at The Hague organized by the Dutch Action Committee against the White Genocide in South Africa.

PRAAG assisted one of the three speakers, Mrs. Arine Prince, to obtain the very latest statistics on farm murders. She once lived in South Africa, but returned to the Netherlands after her husband, Peet, was tortured to death by five blacks on a farm near Barberton last year. Since then she has been involved in activism against farm murders and genocide in South Africa.

The demonstration in Adelaide, South Australia, took place this morning before the provincial parliament building. Also there, the two main themes were farm murders and the genocide of the Afrikaner people. Up to 100 Dutch, Flemish and Afrikaners attended the demonstration in The Hague. After the speech by three speakers before the South African embassy, the protesters walked to the Koekamp, a small park in the city centre. Banners with the words, “Afrikaans will stay”, “Stop the murders” and “Stop Afrikaner Genocide” were displayed.

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SA 1 (2)

In her speech, Arine Prins protested both farm murders and land expropriation. “Julius Malema sings in public ‘Kill a Boer’. They are proud to kill the white farmers (representing the backbone of the South African food industry) as quickly as possible and to loot their farms. If the farmers try to protect themselves and shoot back, they are immediately charged and thrown into prison. ”

Mrs. Prins demanded that economic sanctions be instituted against South Africa and that tourists should be warned against the danger in the country.  She also voiced her opposition against any kind of land reform or expropriation by saying:

“The Black ruled regime sells land to the Chinese on which there were bogus claims and where generations of ethnic-European families used to live and work. You won’t read about it in the newspapers. The government sells a rhino horn to the Chinese. All the poor rhinos, for which money is collected by schoolchildren here, you won’t find that in the newspaper either. ”

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The group will organise another protest later on this year against land expropriation so as to keep the issue under the attention of the Dutch public as much as possible.

The protest against farm murders in Adelaide, Australia

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