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Sorry Obama, Hustling the Bear Twice Won't Work

The first time Russians agreed to a ceasfire in Syria it was used to resupply the jihadi rebels

Obama was on the tube today from China.  Among his various statements was a description of his and Kerry's efforts to get Russia and the Syrian government to agree to a permanent cease fire that would enable the unicorn/jihadi allies of the US in Syria to refit and re-supply without having the Russian Aerospace Forces bombing the bejayzus out of them while they try to do so.  This was tried once before and the ploy gave the jihadi/unicorns some "slack," enough that they were able to bring in reinforcements through Turkey to enable the rebel resurgence at SW Aleppo.  Sooo, it worked once.  Why not try it again?  the Rooshians don't seem keen.  I wonder why?  Maybe this time they can be persuaded to just give up once and for all.

This continuing effort on the part of the Obama/Kerry/NSC/State branch of the Borg is evidence of the persistence of the belief among such people that diplomatic BS unsupported by reality is as weighty as hard fighting armored troops or air power.  Remarkable!  I do not include the broadcast MSM in the list of Borgists and hangers-on because they have no real thoughts.  They are simply meme-sucking propagandists.

I see in the Post today that Jimmy the Clap is leading a search for evidence that Russia is fixing to run the US influence machine and our elections.  Ho Hum.  Dana Priest is in charge of this at the Post.  She hasn't exposed anything lately.  Maybe this will work and you never know ... Pulitzer maybe?  Do you think maybe Clapper's office put her on to this?  Unlike Flynn I have been careful to have nothing to do with Russia and its media but I have looked at some Russian "art" online and I do like good Boeuf Stroganov, so I guess I am at risk.  


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