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Sorry Ukraine, The European Union Is Closed

Ukraine will have to wait at least 10 years before joining the European Union. The deceptive EU membership bait so eagerly swallowed by those at Maidan reveals its cruel purpose: the manipulation of a nation in order to create chaos and strife at Russia's doorstep.

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This article originally appeared at Fort Russ

Remember the people in Kiev,  who supported the revolution in the name of Ukraine's accession to the European Union?

For them there is bad news.

The European Commissioner for Expansion and Neighbourhood Policy, Johannes Hahn has put an end to a year and a half of Euromaidan propaganda.

"In the next 10 years there will be no EU expansion," - he said at the Third East forum in Berlin.

"We must act purposefully, for everyone to understand that a new member of the EU is very valuable, and not the object of additional financial support," - he said.

This is it.

Come after 2025 - and maybe never.

After all, European politicians - for all their cynicism and hypocrisy and indifference to cruelty - are very practical people, when they have to be.

They don't want to spend any extra Euros. Support of Greece already robbed them of a lot of money, and will take much more - so for Ukraine there is no more money, and never will be.

It's one thing to sign "Economic Association", that is, in fact, to open the Ukrainian market for their goods, to secure favorable trading conditions, and it is quite another to take responsibility for the sinking ship of the Kiev regime, from which there is even shooting in all directions.

No, Europe is not ready for this.

The "patriots," warmed by the revolution, waving flags in the hope of quick and free happiness, have been warned.

They were told that the trade benefits for the EU and military benefits for America have no relation to the interests of Ukraine, and are directly harmful.

That their slogans are a trap, deliberate and unavoidable deception.

But no one listened.

The people who were in a state of hysterical aggression, can even barely hear themselves, let alone common sense.

And now - in the name of "Ukraine in the European Union" the legitimacy of the government has been destroyed, regions lost, killed, jailed and expelled tens of thousands of people, economy destroyed and barbaric violence legitimized.

But it will not bring Ukraine into the European Union.

Now the so-called "patriots" have only one consolation.

When EU Commissioner Hahn said that the adoption of new countries into the EU is "impossible", he added:
"However, this does not mean that the EU is not negotiating".

Yes, the door to Europe is closed.

But negotiations behind the door can go on forever...

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