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Sodomite US Ambassador to Germany Rages Against the NordStream Pipeline: 'Stop Feeding the (Russian) Beast!'

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

By appointing a homosexual to this key foreign policy post, and now also bringing him to Washington to head all of US intelligence, Trump is showing his true colors. He is no conservative, and no Christian.


The arrival of the ship "Akademik Chersky" in the German port of Rostock alarmed the opponents of the "Nord Stream-2".

A few hours and the Russian pipe-laying machine will be able to continue work, which, frightened by US sanctions, was not completed by the Swiss company Allseas - to connect the two lines of the gas pipeline in the region of Danish island of Bornholm.

The American ambassador to Germany, Richard Grennel, whom Trump calls a superstar, while the former US envoy to the UN Security Council Susan Rice calls him an abominable and deceitful man - has issued a new batch of threats against project participants:

“New sanctions are approved by all parties. Despite the election campaign, the process of the adoption of the bill can be very quick. Germany must stop feeding the beast at a time when it does not pay enough to NATO. "

"Feed the beast" according to Grennel - is to trade with Russia.

The new sanctions package, if adopted, will no longer hit the construction of Nord Stream 2, but its operation: the companies that will service the pipeline and buy gas.

German Minister of Economics Altmaier made it clear that the attitude towards American threats in Berlin has not changed since last year - Germany does not recognize the legality of ex-territorial sanctions.

And in general, someone obviously has nothing else to do.

From our point of view, now is the wrong time to unwind the escalation spiral and threaten further sanctions, we have other problems.

The German Foreign Ministry gave a similar assessment to the words of the American ambassador, where the image of a diplomat by misunderstanding was assigned to Grennel.

For two years of his work in Berlin, he rarely was there. When he did - in pursuance of Trump's instructions, he became impudent and spoiled the mood of his German colleagues.

And frankly, they were rejoicing at his departure to his homeland - Grennel will head the US national intelligence - the Germans are in the dark now: If Trump wins the election, what kind of "bird" will he send them in accordance with the current level of bilateral relations?

I am very concerned that this situation will continue until the US election. And there is nothing good here.

I would like for us to have a person who advocates improving relations between Germany and the USA, and not just a repeater of Trump’s policy.

Grennel left, but some stayed. For Melnik, the ambassador of Ukraine to Germany, anti-Russian sanctions on all fronts are the main task.

In response to a statement by former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder about the senselessness of sanctions and that Crimea would never return to Ukraine, Melnik took up Twitter: He began to count Schroeder’s salary at Rosneft, call him a Trojan horse, a Kremlin lobbyist and offer strange bets - the ex-chancellor will still see the Ukrainian peninsula, and he, the ambassador, will drink Massandra in Yalta and Bakhchisarai at Merkel’s company.

Schroeder didn’t appreciate Melnik’s imagination: “You shouldn’t annoy each other with sanctions. I tried to point out that this is also true for Russia. Why, then, does the ambassador, or the former foreign minister, some dwarf from Ukraine, criticize me? This does not interest anyone, even in Germany. "

After Schroeder called Melnik a dwarf - which, in general, is lost against the background of Melnik’s abuse at Schroeder himself - Twitter of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has also become alive.

Deputy Minister Bonder wrote that we will not give our ambassador an insult. It sounds like a threat.

Pour another bucket of dirt on the social network and complain to Washington.

Complaints have no practical impact on the US sanctions policy on Russia.

It is determined only by the needs of the Trump election campaign.

But even if the current president of the United States turns on a new sanction mechanism for Nord Stream-2, this will not change the main thing - this gas pipeline will be built. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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