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'Your Candidate Is Openly Gay' - Watch Russian Campaign Volunteer Freak Out (Viral Video)

Homosexuality is still seen as completely unacceptable by most Russians.

This article from our archives was first published on RI in July 2018

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

This is a street interview in central Moscow from Tsargrad TV, an excellent, conservative Russian Christian news and religious programming channel.

In addition to being quite funny, it shows what average people think of homosexuality in Russia. The video has gone viral on the Russian internet.

A year ago, Tsargrad caused an uproar when it made a public offer to buy any Russian homosexual who wants one, a one-way ticket to San Francisco.

See: Russian Christian TV Offers Sodomites 1-Way Tickets to California - Many Eagerly Apply (Video)

The journalist is interviewing volunteers for Anton Krasovsky, who is running for mayor of Moscow.


Moscow is such a huge city, gigantic conglomerate, the city needs manager of colossal managerial experience. Does Krasovsky has such managerial experience?

As far as I know, no, he is a journalist, but he wants to try himself in politics.

Mayor of Moscow is quite a high position. Does Anton has managerial experience?

Gay Moscow mayoral candidate Anton Krasovsky

As far as I know, concerning a political post, he doesn't have experience. However, he manages a charity, which doesn't not fully reflect mayor duties.

It is not a secret that he declares himself as homosexual, and that is very important part of his pre-electoral programme. He spoke about it himself. Why is that necessary?

Well, on one side I honestly think it is part of PR, to promote his personality, to certain extent.

In order to gain votes from homosexuals.

In my opinion, if he becomes the mayor, gays will openly gather...

We will have gay parades?

Yes, most likely.

Do you want a gay parade in Moscow?


Would you participate?

Of course not.

So why are you then collecting signatures for Anton Krasovsky?

Because I am a volunteer.

Are you getting payed?

No, it's good deed...

Anton Krasovsky promised to legalize gay parade if he got elected as a mayor. Will you participate in a gay parade?

No, I am straight.

And you?


Also you wouldn't participate in a gay parade?

No, I hate homos.


I don't respect them...

Did you know that Krasovsky is declared homosexual?


You are collecting signature for the man who openly declares himself as homosexual and this is part of his mayor's pre-electoral programme.  Organise gay parade in Moscow and so on...

Hey, where are you going? Wait!

Well, have a good day ...

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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