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Yoga in the Park Back in Moscow

Yoga in the Park, the lifestyle program designed to improve physical fitness and conscious attitude to life and the world around, returns to Moscow for the third year in a row. Attendance is free. 

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Free yoga classes will begin in late May in 30 parks around Moscow, the official news agency of the Capital reported. The "Yoga in the Park" program was launched in 2013, addressing a variety of styles of yoga, including yoga for pregnant women, baby yoga and yoga for seniors.

In 2014, free daily yoga classes were held in only 20 parks around Moscow, and they were attended by more than one thousand people. This year, the organizers decided to increase the number of parks to 30. In addition, other parks in the Moscow region and other Russian cities will join the project, to promote yoga as a healthy lifestyle that improves physical fitness and fosters a conscious attitude towards life and the world around us.

<figcaption>Russian Yoga</figcaption>
Russian Yoga

Update: we received a beautiful yoga poem from a reader from Sedona, Arizona, and we would like to sare it with you: 

Butterfly Yoga by Harold Jay Hoover 

Freed from the Earth; 
Supported by a friend,
Today I was a butterfly.
Straight as an arrow with wings stretched strong,
In beautiful namaste my feet trailed along.
With a sunset horizon appearing before
and friends straining not at the steadying chore.
With mothers & babies smiling from Sunset's door,
I was raised to this vision by feet to adore.
Yet a butterfly I might never have been
were it not for the flight of one before me just then.
Whatever paths call out for your steps
Wherever doors by your feet be blessed
Forever will this be sung by Sedona sunsets.

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