Vladimir Putin Meets Russian Bombshell Brides on Red Square (Video)

The president just gave one of Russia's top exports a boost

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Russian brides posing for wedding photos on Red Square over the weekend were in for an unexpected surprise. 

None other than the man himself, Vladimir Putin strolled out to their gathering to greet them and indulge them with "selfies."

A smiling Putin, accompanied by a retinue of officials, was happy to stop for a few moments to pose and exchange pleasantries on his way to Moscow's birthday festivities. 

Prime Minister Medvedev and Mayor Sergei Sobyanin were along too, but curiously, the buxom beauties didn't seem much interested in a photo op with them. 

The consummate gentleman, Putin can be overheard calling one of the ladies a krasavitsa - a beauty. 

Vladimir Putin and Russian brides in a single video - seriously, what more could you ask for?

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