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Ukrainian "Patriots" Harass, Assault an Elderly Veteran on Victory Day (Video)

Ukraine "patriots" prevent a now frail pensioner from joining the Victory Day commemorations, empty a bottle of milk on his head

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This article originally appeared at Fort Russ

Dialog translation:

- Where are you going?

- Are you preparing a provocation?

- Veteran: It's not a provocation

- You are preparing a provocation for the Russian TV channels, decorated with St. George ribbons. What is this? Flag? A Soviet flag and Soviet symbols and St. George ribbons? What do you mean, it's not a provocation?

- Dear Mr. Kloynyuk, for your safety I am asking you to stay home and not to provoke any people

- Veteran: I am not provoking anyone

- Please stay home, quietly and don't provoke any people

[dumps milk on the veteran]

- You are punished! (laughs)

- "Why me!" (laughs)


Kristina Rus: Ukrainian "patriots" showed their "great humility and compassion" for the older generation by sparing the poor man physical pain, typically intended for the young, although this is harder to watch then a beating... 

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MORE: Society

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