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School's Out! Check Out These Summer Camps Near Moscow

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This article originally appeared in The Moscow Times

Today is the last day of school for graduating seniors in Russia, and younger kids will wrap up classes next week, which leads to the inevitable question of what to do with the kids until September rolls around. 

<figcaption>The "Happy Face" summer camp company organizes a wide variety of imaginatively themed children's camps</figcaption>
The "Happy Face" summer camp company organizes a wide variety of imaginatively themed children's camps

While many children will spend the summer at the dacha with their grandparents or sitting by the sea, for parents who prefer to keep their offspring a little closer to home, there are a number of day and overnight camps in Moscow and the Moscow region. But don't expect the traditional camp experience of hiking, canoing and handicrafts.

Today's camping options range from learning to sail to programming robots to learning skills that might encourage your child to run away and join the circus.

The School of Young Captains is a sailing camp that will open for the first time this June. In addition to learning sailing from a professional trainer, kids from 7-12 take classes on the history of sailing, learn maritime crafts, put on shows with a theater group, learn navigation and first aid, and sail in a boat race.

The summer school aims to teach children independence and a creative approach to problem solving. Parents can sign their children up for one, two or three weeks. The only requirement is the ability to swim.

Read more at The Moscow Times.

Football camp!

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