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Head of Russian Church Scolds Europe for Moral Decay, Anti-Christianity

Claims Christians are discriminated against and persecuted in Europe

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The head of the Russian Church has expressed concern over the treatment of Christians. They are now not only being harassed in the Middle East and Africa but also in affluent European countries. There are growing reports where people have been denied basic right to wear a cross to work.

Interfax quotes him as saying:

<figcaption>Time to return to Christian values</figcaption>
Time to return to Christian values

"The word 'Christmas' is being replaced by 'the winter holiday' and instead of the word 'Easter' they simply say 'the spring holiday'."

He spoke about Europe’s moral decay: the growing number of same-sex marriages, cases of euthanasia, cults of sensual pleasures, and the rise of false values.

"A man who lives without God has started perceiving himself as a measure of things, freedom has ceased being a conscientious responsible choice."

Russia has experienced growing number of believers since the fall of the Soviet Union and the end to the decade’s long persecution.

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MORE: Society

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