Russian Minibuses Giving Free Rides to Trump Supporters

Minibuses in the Siberian city of Omsk are running a special sale: if you support Trump, you ride free

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Originally appeared at: FlashSiberia

Bus drivers in Omsk on Thursday decided to offer a discount, in which the passengers with a portrait of US President-Elect Donald Trump can enter the bus for free.

In one of these minibuses witnesses saw and took a photo of the announcement: "Passengers with Trump travel free."

"Today I was riding to work and saw a funny sign, apparently, Omsk drivers are already celebrating the victory of Donald Trump. It's a pity that I didn't know about the discount or I'd have brought along the US president," said one of the witnesses.

At the Omsk mayor's office FlashSiberia clarified that officials were unaware of any "Trump discount."

The notice to the left, posted inside Omsk mini-buses reads, "Passengers with Trump ride free"

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