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Russia Launches Largest Website Dedicated to WWII Participants

Lets Russians learn the fate of their fallen relatives

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This monumental project consisting of millions of records will allow Russian families to create a personal archive of their relatives who lost their lives in the war.

The project aims to ensure that their sacrifice is never forgotten and allows younger generations to learn about their forefathers. This is especially important considering there are fewer and fewer veterans able to pass on the stories.

<figcaption>Now never to be forgotten</figcaption>
Now never to be forgotten

RBTH reports that

The new People's Memory website, launched by the Russian Defense Ministry, is the largest of its kind in the world. The site, dedicated to those who served on the Eastern Front in World War II, allows users to locate the resting places of soldiers whose burial sites have remained unknown to their relatives until now, as well as acquire knowledge about their military careers. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Russia has launched the world’s largest website dedicated to participants of World War II.

By using the People's Memory website, available only in Russian, anyone can learn about the fate of Soviet citizens who fought in the war, including their relatives. The site contains more than 50 million notes that can help users to seek out information on millions of Soviet soldiers and officers.

"The People's Memory website's main objective is to restore the fates of war heroes," said Vladimir Popov, director of the department responsible for immortalizing the memory of those who fought for their fatherland, in an interview with RIA Novosti.

"The website searches for the places where soldiers were first buried, as well as for the documents related to their awards, careers, victories and hardships on the battlefields."

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