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Ukraine Overrun with Violent Crime, Robbery and Gangs - Top Prosecutor

A snapshot of a self-proclaimed 'European country' - seems it was more peaceful under the last president

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author of this article is Ukraine’s chief military prosecutor. He is neither a truth seeker nor a muckraker. In the current turmoil at the top of Ukraine’s power structure, amid the hectic reform of law enforcement institutions and the struggle against corruption never seen before, he is probably defending his turf. But that doesn’t mean he’s not telling the truth. God have mercy on Ukraine.

As a citizen, I also have claims on our leadership. But I look at reality objectively. What did the Ukraine receive 25 years ago? People still remember ‘kravchuchki’ (coupons – a worthless currency ed). The country with the world’s fourth economic potential became a marketplace of candidates and preachers. Then we elected Kuchma and saw the mushrooming of small and medium sized enterprises. The country thrived for two years. Then there was the Orange Revolution and Yushchenko dismantled the checks that could have prevented the extremism of some ‘rotten oranges’. Then we chose Yanukovich - a good economic manager. Everything was going to be alright for everyone. 

Q- Are you kidding when you say that Yanukovych was a good manager?

A- I’m just reminding those who suffer from amnesia of what was happening in our country. They’ve forgotten everything. God gave us one, then another and a third president, but the Ukrainians were still unhappy. “You didn’t want Yushchenko, so take Yanukovych!” Then we chose Poroshenko. And unlucky us, – in a year he has also become a villain!

But, my dear friends, let us ask ourselves one simple question: shall you drink when you go to war?

Let me tell you about the number of irretrievable noncombat losses of the Ukrainian army. Three regiments – more than a thousand people – were lost in Kiev’s anti-terrorist operation. The shooting of comrades-in-arms, mishandling of weapons and injuries resulting in death, accidents and supposedly heart disease!

Who worked in the military medical commissions? The president? No, it was the doctor of the district clinic who ‘made’ a healthy Ivan ‘sick’ for a bribe of 100-200 hryvnia, but a sick one who had no money to pay was sent to fight, only to start drinking when he came home.

There was the case of a drunk ‘hero’ throwing a grenade at a small stove, killing thirteen people! What army do they belong to? Is Poroshenko to blame? Or Shokin (the Prosecutor General - ed) Or Matios?

Everyone is shouting: “The volunteer battalions are being persecuted!” Fifty-four people from the ‘Aydar’ Battalion were brought to trial and sentenced for robbery. We had to stop the ‘Tornado’ battalion with force. We’ve already sent nine people to court, and another fifteen are wanted.

I can tell you what’s happening to our fight against corruption. We’ve already produced so many ‘fighters’ that now I’m scared. Everyone wants a license for investigative activities – to spy on their neighbors. 

They say sixty bosses of criminal gangs are back in the Ukraine. Sixty! And before there were only two - both retired.

I'll tell you about the real criminal situation. Before, between three and ten cars were stolen per day across the country, now fifteen cars are stolen in Kiev alone. And what about robbery and burglary? What about armed crimes? Have grenades ever exploded in Kiev’s suburbs? I'm afraid for family and my children. And if the state doesn’t protect them, I’ll have to do it myself!


Source: Mir

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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