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Moscow in the Weekend: Fun for All Ages

Beyond travel guides, there's always the Moscow of the people, with secrets not known by many of her visitors. We are now showing where the locals like to hang out, in a new lifestyle series on Russia Insider. Weekends in Moscow are fun for all ages.

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Moscow is known for its majestic squares with colorful churches, outstanding architectural landmarks that take your breath away, endless parks of colorful blossoms and green, and a historic legacy beyond compare. It is also known for culture that shaped the spirit of its people, and influenced many other cultures of the world. The most important attractions of Moscow are listed in many travel guides. This time, we will bring to your attention other places that will allow you to experience the city just like a local. 

Club Labyrinth  (Kutuzovsky Prospekt 12) in central Moscow is where many of the locals like to go for practice shooting, archery, learning how to throw knives and axes, laser tag, and more. The club hosts shooting competitions on regular basis, and offers the right facilities for corporate events of any format. 

<figcaption>Archery training at Club Labyrinth in Moscow</figcaption>
Archery training at Club Labyrinth in Moscow

This weekend at the Kvesty Deadrooms (hosted by Club Labyrith) you'll be immersed in a world of horror and fear, in the basement of Mr. Krasovsky. To escape, you'll need solve puzzles, find hidden clues and get the key from the door, all in under an hour. The game is based on the 2005 novel Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk.

At Cubiculum (Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya St. 36), inside the FLACON design factory, there's a popular "Red button" game for kids and teens, where  2 to 4 players form a special ops unit, whose mission is to save the World from nuclear holocaust. Tasks include deciphering all the encryptions and making use of old Soviet Union equipment to finally find the secret "red button".

The Museum of Soviet Slot Machines (Baumanskaya st. 11) is another interesting attraction: there's a video arcade with nostalgic Soviet gaming machines, with a variety of vintage games. Tonight,  they present an evening of Japanese anime, screening works by Hayao Miyazaki, the "Japanese Disney". In the program are Spirited Away (2001) and Princess Mononoke (1997). Upon purchasing a ticket you will receive three tokens to play the slot machines.

Romantic couples and adult city visitors are invited to take the elevator up to the observation deck of the Moscow International Business Center at the 58 floor, to see the breathtaking panorama of Moscow at night. There are still 20 tickets available for tonight, at the time of publication.

An unusual night tour will acquaint everyone with the best clubs and bars of the capital. A classy dress code is mandatory, and only adults are allowed to participate. Tickets include a free cocktail at each one of the five bars to be visited, and free entrance. 

For families with children, a visit to the Kuzminki-Lyublino historical park is a must: during the first two days of May, the "Kids Time" festival transforms this destination into a place of song, games and laughter. The festival is a celebration of creativity, knowledge, beautiful and useful crafts, and more. There's a rich entertainment program equally enjoyed by parents and tutors attending the festival. More than 30 vendors will offer a variety of clothing for all ages, toiletries, handmade crafts, books, and more. Creative workshops will enable children to create special gifts and souvenirs with their own hands. Free entrance. 

Kids Time
Kids Time festival in Kuzminki Park

Fans of secrets and mysteries of the Moscow underground can visit the former Tagansky Protected Command Point, now the exhibition complex Bunker-42, near the underground station of Taganskaya, on the Koltsevaya Line of the Moscow Metro. The metro station itself is an amazing sight: designed by K. Ryzhkov and A. Medvedev, the station is decorated with traditional Russian motifs, including floral elements and profile bas-reliefs of various World War II Red Army & Navy servicemen. There are 48 maiolica panels in total, each featuring a different artwork. This metro station is an art gallery in its own right. 

Bunker-42 boasts a 600-meter-long network of tunnels at 65 meters underground. Permanent exhibitions to be visited during the tour feature Soviet radio stations, suits for chemical protection, gas masks, a Geiger counter, Soviet posters and more. After you face your fears in the underground corridors, you can linger longer, dining at the Bunker-42 restaurant, which serves Russian specialities paired with Italian and French wines. 

Kolomenskoye will be the site of a two-day joust: Tournament of St. George. The joust will be attended by the best knights and re-enactors from Russia and Europe, experts in the jousting traditions of the 15th century. 

Ratoborsky joust
Ratoborsky joust: May 2-3, 2015 at Kolomenskoye royal estate

We hope you will find something interesting here to spend a great weekend in Moscow, and we will follow-up soon with other interesting attractions and recommendations in the coming weeks.




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