Kiev Mayor Klitschko Gives in to Neo-Nazis: Opposes Gay Parade

Right Sector threats succeed again in Kiev, this time limiting the rights of Ukraine's LGBT community.  The West however remains silent

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Another famous victory for the heroes of Maidan

As reported a few days ago, Right Sector has demanded cancellation of Kiev’s gay pride parade due on 6th June 2015 and has threatened to disperse it by force if it goes ahead.

In face of these threats what did Kiev mayor Vitaly Klitschko do?

Did he report Right Sector’s threats of violence against peaceful citizens who want to parade peacefully to Kiev’s prosecution service and police?

Did he publicly complain about Right Sector’s blackmail and demand action against them?

Did he say that putting public pressure on him to ban a peaceful parade was totally unacceptable?

Did he in fact do any of the things one might expect from a world champion boxer, a hero of Maidan, a protege of Germany’s CDU and the toast of Berlin (where gay pride parades are so much the fashion)?

No, what he did was ask the organisers of the parade to call it off.

What about the Western media, vigilant defenders as they are of LGBT rights everywhere but especially in Russia?  Are they loudly denouncing Right Sector for its homophobia and Klitschko for his weakness?

No.  They are saying nothing.

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