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Banderite Scum Rough Up an a Elderly Man During a Nemtsov Memorial March in Moscow (Video)

Well, Glory to Ukraine and Glory to the Heroes of Maidan. What else can we say

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Just imagine: Moscow downtown. Democrats and liberals march to commemorate the assassination of their hero oppositionist Boris Nemtsov. Yellow and blue Ukrainian flags flying over the procession. Those very flags in whose name pro-Russian Ukrainians were burnt to death in Odessa and shelled and bombarded in Donbass.

An old man approaches the column to express his dissatisfaction. He is challenged to cry out Banderite slogans. He refuses and then proceeds to get verbally and physically abused and thrown out of the ranks. The police doesn’t interfere.

Can you imagine the outrage of patriotic Muscovites upon seeing this video with the authorities tolerating this, and with themselves for not being there to defend an elderly man?

Here’s the reaction of a famous writer and left wing political activist Zakhar Prilepin

“I have been at hundreds of protests and even held about a dozen of them. I have been at the most dreadful protests where National Bolsheviks, Communists and Nationalists marched in furious and barbaric columns. Agents provocateurs were among us. Malcontent grandfathers and grandmothers shouted at us. We have all seen that. But we have never seen someone punching an old man in the jaw. Never. It’s a bloody shame. Look at these ‘honest faces’. The ‘best people’ of the country. “

Prilepin also quotes a famous blogger Eva Merkuryeva

“The old man is a hero. Simply a hero"

"And over there is another ‘hero’ wearing a green jacket.

"The big man hits the old man ‘For Bandera’ right in broad daylight in front of the crowd. The same strong men are twisting his arms.

"A ‘March of Dignity’, nothing else.

"A squeal from the crowd: ‘Instigator!’ Yeah, right. It’s not an old man but indeed an agent from Vympel spetsnaz made up at Mosfilm, right.   
"These people want to have a different Russia. A free one.

“Peaceful citizens in a peaceful capital”.

Once again: this is the center of Moscow, and those are Ukrainian flags, and the people are pro-democracy marchers. Isn’t there too much pluralism and too much freedom of speech in barbaric Russia, compared to Ukraine that made its European choice?

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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