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Awareness of Jewish Question Higher in Russia; But US 'Anti-Semites' Are Far More Radical

While Judeo-critical Americans are more intense about their views than Russians, the average Russian is more likely to have a realistic opinion of Jewish power

There’s one crucial difference, and not many people seem to recognize its importance.

“ZOG” pretty much controls the US, which has recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in defiance of the rest of the world (and 63% of US voters), curtailed its otherwise extensive freedom of speech protections by criminalizing the BDS movement, and whose Conservatism Inc. division shuts down questions about the USS Liberty meme as an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. The social pressure against discussing these basic questions and the genuine fervor with which many American boomercon normies support the “greatest ally” rhetoric must make things even more enraging.

American patriot George Lincoln Rockwell adopted the National Socialist brand in the 1960s to push back against Jewish media and political power.

Conversely, ZOG doesn’t rule Russia. The power of the Jewish Lobby in Russia is so modest that even the Armenians have more influence (Foreign Minister – Lavrov, RT head honcho – Simonyan, etc).

Sometimes, things really are as simple as they seem. This succinctly explains why the Alt Right in the US is obsessed with Jews, whereas Russian nationalists generally are not.

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This was not always the case. In the 1990s, when “ZOG” did have large influence over Russia (see Semibankirschina), the “patriotic opposition” movements were dominated by entities such as National Bolsheviks and various other “red-brownists”. But since then, the political influence of the Jewish oligarchs has been severely curtailed, so much so that it has long ceased to make sense to even call them “oligarchs.” In the most comprehensive ethnic survey of Russian oligarchs to date, Jews made up 20% of the individual billionaires and 25% of their aggregate capital. Massively disproportional relative to their share of the population, to be sure, but nonetheless cardinally different from the situation two decades ago. And, needless to say, Russia doesn’t serve as Israel’s bulldog on the international arena.

Consequently, there’s no reason for Russian nationalists to try to make political hay out of the Jewish Question, when there exist multiple other objectively much more pressing and important issues, such as the plight of ethnic Russians in the Donbass and in the Near Abroad, internal ethnic relations, Central Asian immigration, etc. (you might very well think that these priorities are misplaced, but that is irrelevant to reality). The old, counter-Semitic nationalist organizations like Pamyat are almost all dead or as close to it as makes no difference. Israel Shamir, who is perhaps the most visible “counter-Semite” in/around Russia today, is a Communist who splits his time between three countries and is much more invested into the global anti-imperialist struggle than he is into Russian national concerns (indeed, he is on record supporting Article 282, which has been used to lock up Russian nationalists for hate speech). Good for him – but his priorities are not the priorities of the vast majority of Russians.

Obviously, people such as Nick Fuentes or Andrew Anglin will have very different priorities.

This divergence between American and Russian nationalists on the Jewish Question is ironic in light of Russia being somewhat more “woke” on the JQ than the United States; according to its test of anti-Jewish attitudes, the ADL defines 10% of Americans as anti-Semites, vs. 31% of Russians according to the latest poll. Of course, since holding opinions such as “Jews have too much power in the business world”, this is more of a common sense test (folk wisdom) than on anti-Jewish attitudes as such. Commenter AP has suggested Russians may be brainwashed, because these scores are higher in purportedly based Poland (48%) and the Ukraine (46%). Perhaps so. OTOH, there has been a rather high-profile spat between Poland and Jewish organizations this past year over the latter’s demands for reparations, while Jewish oligarchs in the Ukraine retain disproportionate political, not just financial, power (the Jewish Zelensky’s main sponsor, to whom is beholden, is Igor Kolomoysky, who proudly skirts the laws against double citizenship by proudly proclaiming he has three). So those factors would be obvious confounders. Conversely, Czechia and the Balts are less anti-Semitic as per the ADL than Russia.

Source: Unz Review
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