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All 200+ Russia-Related Places in the UK on One Interactive Map

There are over 200 sites with a Russia connection in Britain. A new interactive map brings them all together:

  • All of Britain's Russia-related monuments and memorial plaques
  • Russian Orthodox Churches
  • Graves of prominent Russians in the UK
  • Streets with Russia-related names
  • Russian organizations
  • Places in UK significant to Russia history
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This article originally appeared at Rusia Beyond the Headlines

An interactive map of Russian places in the UK has been launched on the website of the Russian Embassy. 

Monuments, memorials, graves of famous Russians and street names - everything devoted to Russian history is tagged on the mobile-friendly map all over the UK. Besides the coordinates, there are captions both in Russian and English and photos of each of more than 200 places.

Users can update with information on new places by contacting the embassy's press service via: [email protected]


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