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Ukraine's Sixth Wave of Military Mobilization Will Fail Like the Previous Five

Another wave of mobilization greets Ukraine's youth. Sixth time's a charm? Probably no. 

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Poroshenko demands more young flesh for his glorious ATO. The International Business Times has the details:

The Ukrainian government began mobilizing its sixth and final wave of troops for active duty in the East Ukraine conflict on Thursday. While the exact total of how many people will be called upon is not known yet, the chief military prosecutor of Ukraine, Anatoliy Matios, said in January he expected the figure to be around 50,000.

<figcaption>Off to the meat grinder</figcaption>
Off to the meat grinder

Here's a light sampling of how previous mobilizations have gone thus far:  

Good luck with Round 6!

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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