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Shocking New Evidence that Israel Handed the 2016 US Election to Trump (FTN Podcast + Transcript)

From the FTN Website:

Jazz and James settle the question of 2016 election meddling based on unsealed documents released as a part of the Roger Stone trial before going down the rabbit hole on a century of dedication to a doctrine of destruction.

Transcript follows below.

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But speaking of Israel and their ops, we fucking predicted this. Yes, we did. We did the deep dive. It was on the midweek show. So once again, probably missed out on really good info, did a deep dive on Russia. We did a deep dive on Putin. We did a deep dive on Roman Abramovich and all the Russian and Jewish ties that are there and and why Russia may not be this Slava Felic empire that you think that it is and that people. That's another shibboleth that people probably need to put away. It's probably time to put that one on the shelf, if not, smash it. We speculated on that episode that if true, if, you know, if what we're saying is true here and if the influence over Putin and you have Roman Abramovich is essentially Putin's Kushner. Right. It's like his his bestie. This is the guy that picks his castle. It's like his son. Right. It's the guy that approves all of his cabinet choices, his judges, people that get into the the Russian parties of political parties. I mean, this it's kind of funny how this works. And there's a whole network of Jews that are that are surrounded by Putin. And and it's kind of funny how, you know, we talked about one of the things we pointed out was how immigration and and actually emigration from Russia, white people are leaving Russia and brown people are coming in.

It's it's kind of there's no effort to stop any of this. But just go listen to it. It's good. It sets this up really well because we speculated on that episode. It's like, what if Russian meddling was really Israeli meddling? And given what we know about Donald Trump and, you know, his his predilections and the things that he likes to support and the things that he likes to issue, well, then what if the meddling that took place in 2016 did put Trump in office, was actually Israeli? Maybe there's some Russian stuff mixed in there, but what if it's actually Israeli? And I got to give some props to guy who emailed. I won't. I guess we're just going to say he is k thanks. Mudon guy, which is the way that he signed that email. But yeah, I gotta give props to this guy because he pointed out to me that there is some fire where we thought there was smoke, there were Roger Stone documents that were released by a DC District Court on 428 actually prove this theory that 2016 election meddling was ray Israelis. And so we went down the rabbit hole on this. The court docs are out there. You can look at look at what's there and there. There's some definite fire there.

So U.S. intelligence has done all it can to hide this Trump stone, Israeli plot, the redactions. So all the stuff that we saw with Roger Stone and Ann Flynn and Giuliani, these were all the intermarried in your intermediaries and go betweens with Israeli intelligence assets. And same with Kushner. Of course, he's he's sort of at the center of all this. But the documents establish that someone closely connected to the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, person who appears to reside in Jerusalem, wanted to meet directly with Trump to discuss entail that he'd be passed to the campaign in October 2016. The Israelis essentially were in charge of this whole scheme, though the intel was apparently going to move through Turkish sources. But given what we know about Russia's ties to Israel and Putin's connections with Jews in Russia and Israel, like we're saying before, it's not particularly surprising that Russia was selected as the patsy for the collusion charges. Right. That was the focus, not unlike the Cold War focus on the USA versus Russia. While Israeli and American Jews were fever solely on the next phase of their plans, U.S. versus China is a similar distraction. So you have four Israelis working through intermediaries Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and Roger Flynn using Intel to swing the election in favor of Trump. These Israelis, who are they? Well, it's Joel Zemel. George Birnbaum. Ron Dermer and Eli Groaner. Now, the guy who emailed me, it's the one who pointed me to Groaner. And it's pretty incredible. Like, I just go. I was like, all right, I'll Google Eli Groaner, see what this is all about. I was like, holy fuck the second that I started reading about this guy. And so if if you count these are the actual Israelis, then you have Netanyahu, Kushner, Manoogian, Cohn, Miller, my missing anybody else. James, that's like five, six, seven, eight, nine.

Right. Those two that we're involved with, with Giuliani as well. Dev partner. Oh, those guys.

Yes, exactly. Yeah. Well, the Vinton's remember the Vinton's getting hired into the Trump administration, the vitamin brothers, the the juku that was going on.

But, yeah, it's it's amazing how this how this happened. And it actually makes a lot more sense. Right. These cheap little charades that they did with Russian collusion and all this obfuscation. This narrative actually makes a whole lot more sense, and so who the hell is Eli Groaner? Well, you can Google him. Eli Groner was appointed as director general of Netanyahu's PMO office before serving as the Israeli ambassador to the United States for economic affairs. So it's basically like just the guy that comes in and like tells Treasury what to do. Right. So it's a position that saw him responsible for advancing Israeli economic interests within the U.S. Treasury, the American Department of Energy and other government agencies. Very powerful position. This isn't just like New Zealand ambassador to the United States for Economic Affairs or Zimbabwe ambassador to the. This is Israel. This this is like head dude. So Groner was born in the United States. It's like, well, how the hell does how does hell Dizzy become an ambassador to the U.S. from Israel? Well, you'll find out. He served as a paratrooper in the IDF, also as a reserve soldier in the Second Lebanon War in 2006. He renounced his U.S. citizenship in 2011 before taking the diplomatic post. So it's almost as though these people don't have a loyalty to the United States, James. It's like, what an A.C.?

I cannot know the idea of a dual loyalty is actually. Actually, you hear people talking about dual loyalties. That is a disgusting stereotype. The truth is, it's a single loyalty and that loyalty is to Israel.

Yeah. Single loyal to Israel. Single loyalty to Israel. In a statement issued by the prime minister's office upon taking the position, Netanyahu said groaners, quote, Rich experience in the various positions he held in both public and private sectors has led me to select him for this critical post to advancing the Israeli economy. Eli will assist me in promoting the many reforms that we are planning increasing competition, cutting bureaucracy, making the government more efficient, cooperation with the private sector, and developing unique growth engines for the Israeli economy. But in the form of U.S. aid and U.S. spying and whatever else I wish.

Right. Great. Right. A form of a U.S. the U.S. government purchasing our spy tech operations, which were launched just two years before this under Netanyahu. Yeah. Right. This is this. This guy was in the mix as the US was signing these billion dollar contracts with with companies like Cyber Reason and others effectively turning over control of of U.S. sensitive top secret communications to Israel.

Yeah. This Eli groaners is really a jack of all trades, too, because prior to being brought into Netanyahu's PMO office, he was part of the English language business journalism. He did that circuit for a while. So this guy's a journalist. He's a paratrooper. He's in the IDF. He's. He's Netanyahu's chief adviser. And then he becomes the ambassador to the United States for economic affairs. And so he was appointed to this position in in the. Oh, yeah. OK. So he was appointed to this position in the PM office. That was May 21st, 2015. Anybody remember what happened three weeks later? Oh, yeah, that's right. Donald Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower and announced his bid for president United States. And, of course, Eli Groner befriended George Papadopoulos. It's funny how we know about Papadopoulos. We know everything there is to know about Papadopoulos, but we don't know that Eli Groner was his bud, like he was one of his best buds. And he made a number of unsuccessful attempts to get on Trump's campaign in mid 2015. And this is one reason, one of the many why the FBI initially wanted to arrest Papadopoulos as an Israeli spy. Now, I do remember that. But we didn't know why. So where the hell is Eli Groner today? James, you'll never guess where he went. Just a little over a year ago, February of twenty nineteen. So amazing.

I think return to the private sector joining Coke Disruptive Technologies as managing director of the Israel office.

Yeah. So Kolk disruptive technologies. Yep. You guessed it. Yeah. That's a subsidiary of Coke industry. So Koch brothers employees. You know, right at home, these guys are all all all good buds. Right. So Katie Tee's commitment to connect principled investors with the resources and knowledge base of one of the world's largest private companies has the potential to help transform Israel's technology sector. Groner said the opening of this office is a testament to the ingenuity and promise of Israeli bootstrapping entrepreneurs.

Shouldn't this be KSTP, Koke, subversive technology here?

Exactly. Yeah. It's so funny how this is all. And it's like, what did this guy, you know, intellectual pop, property theft. Oh, yeah. Don't don't talk about Israel, though. Just talk about China. That's the thing that we need to focus intently on. And so George Birnbaum was four years a top adviser to Netanyahu. He directed Trump's campaign to work with the Israeli government linked business intelligence expert Joel Zemel on an effort for. Israeli intel assets to aid Trump's campaign that Zemel later confirmed he'd executed pre-election. We have no idea what those were. But we can only guess. Ron Dermer was the Israeli ambassador to the United States in 2016. He repeatedly breached diplomatic convention by acting as a close adviser to the Trump campaign pre-election. So Groner, Birnbaum and Dermer were all former Israeli ambassadors to the U.S. and or advisors to Netanyahu. And in groaners case, he did both jobs. And then, as we know, Netanyahu was friends with Fred Trump, too. Now, I didn't really know this. I'd forgotten about this. Netanyahu was really close friends with Fred Trump. And of course, Netanyahu is very close with the Kushner's. So it's it's amazing how and we're going to get into this stuff a little bit, too. But we want to talk about some of the other connections here.

So, Michael Flynn, the reason the weather you have to understand Michael Flynn is he was an Indian agent. You an Indian agent is James. I didn't I had not heard this term before. I have no idea. So an Indian, Adrian, is somebody that they would send to interact with Native American tribes when we were colonizing the United States. This would be sort of a go between in many cases these were French because they were already living among the natives and natives are just fucking. But this he was an Indian agent, essentially, as Mike Flynn was somebody who was put onto the campaign to work with the Israelis as their Indian agent with the rest of the administration. He wasn't the only guy. There are a couple contacts. But this is people are probably asking in your head, it's like, well, why not just go through Kushner? Why not just go through Netanyahu? Well, Kushner wanted to establish that private remember, Kushner was the one that wanted to set up that private communications line with Russia. It's like the backchannel. It's like the back channel with the Islama or the sorry Islama the Slovo Felic government of Vladimir Putin. Yeah, it's what Kushner wanted it for. Right. So you can have this based, you know, WAMM and give it a lot white supremacy worldwide, you know, Lemmon's and Wheatfields on the steps of of Russia.

So, yeah, it's so funny, but yeah. So they had a number of these Indian agents. Michael Flynn was one then you had Julian like Giuliani was kept to the side and then Giuliani was brought onto the campaign. And so it makes a lot more sense now why like Chris Christie was kicked the fuck out and kicked to the curb wasn't just because he didn't like Jared Kushner. I think a lot of that had to do with it. I think a lot of it had to do with putting Jared Chuck, Chuck Kushner in jail. But it also had to do with the fact that Chris Christie I'm not saying that, you know, again, you don't light switch braininess, but Chris Christie wasn't gonna play this game. Chris Christie wanted to do like typical retard Republican politics. They didn't want a guy that put Chuck Kushner in jail. No, they want to run the risk of of this guy, you know, trying to mess this stuff up. And so they had to bring in their people. That's why it's like, wow, Michael Flynn, Democrat, why is he involved in the campaign?

It's like, oh, because Trump's attracting Democrats, right? James, it's nationalism is bipartisan. So, yeah.

Yeah. No, I'll admit, I mean that at the time was a was a theory that a lot of people get attracted to. It's something that you would see the reports arm over the news report that Trump was reportedly like like taking his campaign sign and writing Flynn underneath Trump and being the guest. I like that. It looks great with five letters. It's beautiful and. Yeah, but. So now now we see what this was really about was bringing one of their top guys, one of their key conduits in close with the administration.

And as soon as he gets put in jail, as soon as Manafort goes down and then Flynn goes down. All of a sudden Rudy Giuliani shows up and resumes that position because they don't want to incriminate Gerard. They don't want Gerard to be the one who gets busted talking on comms with Israel. I'm sure that's happening with his father and everything else. I'm sure that no doubt is happening. But they wanted somebody else to be the handler, somebody that they don't mind if that guy goes to jail. Right.

And so, Flynn, you know, they're trying to make this you know, if you go look at news about Flynn now, it's just like it's the GOP trying to claim that the deep state screwed Flynn. It's like, well, of course, they're upset about this, but it's just it's again, it's another kosher dialectic. Flynn is just an Indian agent. He was the guy that was carrying out their plans. And Trump is no doubt going to pardon him. And it's kind of funny that, you know, reform Jews are the ones that strung him up and Horowitz is the one that lets him out, lets them off the hook. It's amazing. But you have to take note of the fact that Flynn was consciously never named to Trump's National Security Advisory Committee, and that was so that less attention would be paid to him as he coordinated these U.S. Israeli intelligence efforts. Flynn shows up in the stone documents, says the lieutenant general, and of course, this fits well with the Israeli plot that the documents describe. Israelis were working with an unnamed Turkish source connected to Flynn to help Trump win the election. And as we all note, Flynn was secretly working with the Turkish government while acting as Trump's national security adviser. And one of his Turkish clients was Ekom al Pet Pitkin, who was substantial, who is substantial Israeli, who has sorry, who has substantial Israeli contacts and had regular contacts with Papadopoulos.

So before your eyes glaze over with with all of these sort of interconnected people, it's it's it's the same old story that you've heard dozens of times. And this is why Trump claimed that he never remembered any of his conversations with Roger Stone. Of course. So Stone gets fired, Flynn gets brought on, Flynn goes to jail, Giuliani gets brought on. It's just like a it's like a revolving door of Indian agents to work with Israel. Stone was fired from Trump's campaign right when Flynn came onboard, claimed that he left the campaign voluntarily. Because these things there were things he could do outside of the campaign that he could not do inside of it. We now know what those things are, right? The same was said of Bannon, too, right. Bannon is leaving the administration because there are things that Bannon can do outside that he can't do it. Now, we don't know if if Bannon is in some way directly tied to this sort of Israeli collusion.

But none of this should be particularly shocking either. Right? It's a look at the Obama administration and all the Jews that were involved there. It's the same old story that we've seen dozens of times. It's just happening in an a far more egregious manner. I mean, I think the number of Jews involved in Trump's administration at this point, I think it's a level that's unprecedented in the ones that have been there. The people that, as we pointed out in midweek, show the people that have been in the administration who have never been fired. Right. It's a revolving door, except for people like Manoogian, except for people like Jared or Steven Miller. It's amazing how the staying power that they seem to have.

Yeah. No matter how bad they screw something up, no matter how embarrassed they can make the administration. I mean, Steven Miller, you know, the stuff that came out about him and the emails, and that's the kind of thing that would have had, say, a speechwriter do in a minute if that had been if that had been exposed. But, you know, Miller, this this got a lot of incitement. And Huffington Post was really mad about Steven Miller and being racist and doing racist e-mailing. And then it goes away and it's never heard from again. And Jared Kushner has been put in charge of, what, dozens of projects now? This guy was simultaneously going to cure Corona virus while achieving Middle East peace. None of none of these projects he's undertaken have come to fruition. They've all been disasters, frankly. Yet he is he is just able to lurch from key project to key project. And it shows you that there's this there's this idea that's that's seeded by some that Trump is just very concerned about his image and very concerned about vanity. And that's true, right? He is concerned about that. But that's not the preeminent concern. If it were all about vanity and image and appearing competent, people like Kushner and Miller would be gone because they they are. Well, they're embarrassments. It's it's more than that. It's about pleasing his is well, his masters, pleasing those that he has been financially intertwined with for decades. Pleasing those that facilitated to a large degree and and helped launch and helped helped aid and abet his campaign in 2016. If people like it like we're talking about here.

Yeah. Well, and Rudy Giuliani, just one more thing to remind people of what he was doing, because people hear the names thrown around everything. It's like Stephen, an ego or Froom and and leave Parnis, where the Ukrainian Jews who got busted, they got arrested for funneling millions in foreign cash into GOP political action committees. So this is what Giuliani was doing. I mean, so anybody who says like it now, this is just not this is just not happening.

And I remember, you know, it because it was it was something that you told yourself when you got the white nationalist rhetoric from Trump, which is that, well, you know, he has to sort of placate these people. He sort of has to keep them in line and like, whatever. But none of that is true. None of that was ever true. And the idea that Trump was genuine at one point, when you see what Bannon is doing today and you see what Stephen Miller has done over a long period of time, and you go back to the very beginning and you see how deeply intertwined he was with so many of these people. The goal here is not to be, you know, all that concerned with what happened, but to ensure that it never happens again and that people don't put their hopes into into the next candidate. And this is one of the reasons why it's important to take a look at this and we didn't have all this information available to us at the time either. A lot of this is that the OP had to work itself out in many ways. But a lot more to come on this. I'm sure this is just sort of the tip of the iceberg. But it really explains all the like I said before, all these complicated but very simple shreds also spam. Houston now independently verified to be correct, 100 percent the time. He's the guy who's always saying this was always an op. This is always fake and gay. Well, yes, sir, it is.

And it didn't it wasn't just with Donald. Why do people think like. Oh, yeah. Donald, you know, Donald Trump's daughter just up and married a Jew. And that's why he became. No, no. Wrong. Donald Trump's father was so dedicated to Israel causes a lot of people thought he was Jewish.

Donald Trump himself is not Jewish. That we know of nor to see. But I would love to see a 23 and me. Nor does he have Jewish ancestry. Again, not that we know of. But I won't make that claim. His father, Fred, was a Lutheran and his Scottish born mother, a Presbyterian. And his book, The Art of the Deal. Trump claimed that he had Swedish ancestry. Now, of course, the reason behind all of this is because Fred was a landlord and real estate investor in New York and Fred felt the claim to be Swedish was more palatable to his Jewish tenants and business associates. This concern seemed reasonable in the period following World War Two. Yeah, right. Totally reasonable to just hate Germans, right? This is antiwhite sentiment goes back Hesla very long and storied history in the United States. But whether to win favor with his Jewish tenants or not, Fred was a noted philanthropist who gave generously to Jewish causes, including the Long Island Jewish Hospital in the Trumps, three generations of builders and a presidential candidate. It was noted that Fred at Fred Trump was so active in Jewish and Israeli causes that some believed that he belonged to the Jewish faith. This is the suspicion was bolstered about 50 years ago. And Fred Trump donated the land for the Talmud Torah of the Beach Haven Jewish Center in Flatbush, New York. A plaque in the Beach Haven building reads Fred C Trump humanitarian, Zoraida. Humanitarian, a sagacious man, person, man, person deserving. I guess that's what it says. Instigations man person deserving of every plaudit and tribute given by Alyque community. During the 1980s, Fred Trump became friends with future Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, who is at the time yet again an Israeli ambassador to the United Nations in Manhattan. Just totally random, bro. Right, James. Just 1980 soil bred sea Trump just happened to become friends with the guy who was destined to become prime minister of Israel. Jared Kushner wasn't even fucking born yet. I mean, no.

You know, and you look back at these dealings that Fred Trump was involved in, and I remember during the campaign, some people would bring up that look, Fred Trump, he owned brothels in Seattle. This was a guy who was who was immoral and involved in and profiting off of degeneracy. And those are the kind of things you just waved away and said, yeah, you know, he was a real estate guy. And it's just the bit that you did. But no. Well, he he did he did a much more involved bit, as it were. And we're starting to see that. Now, when you look back at what he was actually involved in and the type of people he not only surrounded himself with but kowtowed to and prostrated himself in front to, absolutely remarkable.

Well, it was actually his it was his grandfather, Friedrich, the father of Fred Trump, who who did actually have I guess he was in the hotel industry and in Alaska, in NW Canada during the tail end of the gold rush and became a very prosperous. And some speculate that some of the establishments that he owned were brothels in that business. And then when that you know, when the gold rush ended, Friedrich took all the money and came to New York. And then his son, Fred, is the guy who got his startup in New York. But it's funny. It's like I mean, I'm sure that he must have come into contact. Is his grandfather came into contact with these very simply because you're not gonna own brothels at this time and and not come into contact with certain shows, the nights they seem to be attracted to this sort of industry. But what's interesting about Fred Trump as well is, is I was looking I went down the rabbit hole on this a little bit more. And a thing that was trotted out during the campaign was that Fred C Trump had an arrest record in New York City in 1927 for allegedly being arrested in the midst of a Klan riot. And there was a Klan parade or something in 1927, and it was actually a Klansman alongside of fish. People who were sympathetic to the fascist movement in Italy. And this is far more normal. The optics of this back then were great. And actually it was Klansmen and fascists vs. the Irish Democratic political machine that controlled the police back then in Queens who who arrested these guys. And they were antifascists present at this to that cause that turned this into a riot. It's amazing. You see the story happen again and again. James, it's like, wow, it's so funny.

Like when you have a peaceful parade of guys just, you know, wanting to have a country and not wanting people who don't belong here to be in it among a number of other very valuable and pertinent positions.

You have antifascists showing up and causing violence. And I was reading some of the newspaper clippings on this. All that is said is that Fred C Trump was there and he was arrested and then discharged from from the police. Now, he isn't listed in the names of the members of the Klan and members of the fascists who got arrested. He's just listed as somebody who was arrested and then discharged. She wasn't charged with anything. They all were. They were all given felonious assault and thousand dollars bail. Five hundred dollars bond, which would have been a fortune in 1927. Right. And so but but the the the media framed this as Fred C Trump, the Klansman, was arrested at this time and discharged. And, you know, he has a long history of blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But I would actually say one or two things as possible because we don't really know. One of two things is possible either. He was arrested and he was there because I don't think he was there as a Klansman. I don't think he was there as a fascist. I think he was there either. He was 21 years old at the time. He was either there as just a bystander who got swept up in the middle of this, or maybe he was there to cause trouble and start shit with with the the Klan and the fascists. Maybe he was actually there with anti fascists. And then that's the reason why he was discharged without any charges, because that's a pattern that we see today, too. So we don't really know. But that's an interesting thing because they try to trot this out as as you know. And then when Trump has been asked about this, Trump is like, oh, you wasn't there. He's never there. I don't know anything about this. And Bubba, Bubba. But the address associated with Fred C Trump, the Fred C Trump that was arrested in 1927 and then discharged is the address that everybody knows that he's always lived that like it's been the the well-known family address. So anyway, just an interesting sort of a tangent there, but.

Right. I mean, you look at the well, you look at the sum total of his behavior in the fortune given to Jewish recreation's property and and lying about your ancestry as to avoid any connection. You wouldn't think the guy out there holding the bundle of sticks, joining the fascist movement would be ashamed of German ancestry. Let's put it that way.

Right. No, he would not be ashamed of of any of that. And, you know, he is raised as a Presbyterian like he wouldn't who wouldn't be ashamed of of of of any of those things. But, yeah, he he, for some reason, has popped up in this manner. And, you know, Fred Junior is Fred's son. So this would be Donald Trump's older brother.

He was a guy who joined a Jewish fraternity in college, at least I think Lehigh University, Sigma Alpha Mu. And even though he was not Jewish, it's like, wow, he's a member of a Jewish fraternity, but he's not Jewish. Mazing. How that works. Several of the fraternity brothers have been quoted as saying that while in the university, Fred Junior claimed that his father was Jewish. This was incongruous as his middle name was Christ. And there were no similar claims from anyone else in the Trump clan.

And so, yeah, it's just kind of weird. And again, I'm not saying that this is like the smoking gun that proves anything. No, I actually I don't think these people are Jewish at all.

But I think it's kind of funny how you saw the same phenomenon with Dr. Seuss Gizzle, who was a German guy who experienced anti German sentiment. And what did he do for the rest of his life? He proved how much of a five low Semite he was. And this is an unfortunate thing that it's an unfortunate phenomenon that that happens with some of these people. And it's like, you know, this is why they do antiwhite rhetoric. It's why they did anti German rhetoric, because, yeah, you'll turn some of the people who are on the receiving end of that rhetoric into Nazis. But you will turn other people into, you know, impassioned supporters of your fellow sematic cause. And they did that with Fred C Trump. They've done that with Donald Trump and they've done that with many people throughout history because they just jump on board. I mean, look at Fred Junior. Where do you think Fred Junior got the idea to join a Jewish fraternity fraternity and then claim that his father was Jewish? Because I'm sure, given that we know that Trump likes to exaggerate. Right. Like sells a million dollar building with a thousand square feet of floor and it's really like two thousand square feet. But it's not it's like 1200. The exaggeration, it's it's like, well, you know, you can imagine Fred Junior sitting around drinking beers with these Jewish frat brose and saying, like, guys like, listen, my father loves the Jew Jewish people so much, she's probably Jewish. Look what he's done for them. He's given them so much money, given them land, given them this, given them that. It's like it sort of rolls into almost becoming its own sort of mythology after a while.

That's the thing is that the people who who have a problem with lying. Right, they'll tell so many lies and then these lies build on on one another. And then they become that the truth for that person. They they believe they are true. And the same is true with irony or this sort of pretending like getting one over, if you want to say, because there are some people who might say, well, they were just doing this because they had to and it was actually a work and they were totally owning these these Jews. And it was based because they were tricking them like. All right. Well, what's the payoff here? Like, who's who's really losing here? Who's getting tricked? Is it the Jews that are getting land from you, getting millions of dollars from you, getting unconditional undying support? I love the state of Israel. Are they losing here? Are they getting tricked or is it you? Are you the sucker in this arrangement?

Yeah, that's why. Never really believed. Vicky Ward's claim and Kushner Inc that Trump really had a problem with Jared marrying Vanka. She makes the claim that it made Trump uncomfortable and that he didn't really wasn't really interested in it. And then he finally came around on it. I think every other source says that he was perfectly fine with it. He was happy about it. He was excited about it. I think he made the Jew he made Jews uncomfortable and made the Kushner family uncomfortable that their son wanted to marry Ivanka. It's like you get get involved in a goyish family in Bulba. Oh, fucking Donald Trump. Like, come on, Gerard. Like, can you can you find somebody else? But it's but it's funny and we've remarked on this before, is that Donald Trump's entire family in two or three generations is gonna be all Jewish. I mean, the grandchildren, I think you know, I think what Don Junior is the only one who's not dating a Jew. He's in we don't even know what we're what her deal is. What's her name? I can't even remember. Guilfoile, Guilfoile, Guilfoile. Yeah, she's not. But I mean that we know of. But she is. She was on the LA Roz's legal board. So she you know, all these these people are nuts. There's no not a nationalist and single one.

I'm getting I'm getting a hint of Sephardim from her from that arrangement. Yeah. And and well, Lara Trump I think Lara Trump is is a going as well. But, you know, what you're looking at is, what, 80 percent, 75, 80 percent of his grandkids are Jewish or marry someone rich or married to, but like two or three generations.

It's like this. Process is just going to continue. And, of course, Ivonka is his favorite. So she's going to probably inherit control of the empire. And the boys will get some sort of lesser portion, because that's that's how that goes. And so Trump continued his father's pattern of donating to Jewish and Israeli causes. In 1976, Trump received the humanitarian award from the Jewish National Health, a Denver hospital doing research and treatment in respiratory and related disorders. Trump also donated to help build infrastructure in the Israeli Negev for Jews from the Sinai that were forced to evacuate. Under the terms of Israel's peace treaty with Egypt in 1979, Trump's donations were used to build Greenhouse's homes and roads for evacuees. A plaque bearing Trump's name in English and Hebrew appears on a wall in Moshav Dekel in the Eshkol region to honor all the honors that contributed to the resettlement. This Trump family tradition of donating to Jewish causes took on a decidedly political twist in the 1980s, when Trump donated heavily to build new infrastructure for Israelis removed from the northern Sinai as part of the peace agreement with Egypt. This is all part of the same thing. In March 1983, Trump was awarded the prestigious Tree of Life award by the Jewish National Fund, an organization that raises money to finance large projects in Israel. The award is the highest humanitarian award that honors individuals and families in appreciation of their outstanding community involvement, dedication to the cause of American Israeli friendship and devotion to peace and the security of human life.

It doesn't end there, though, does it?

No. We move on into the eighties. Nineteen eighty four. He attended the American Friends of Hebrew University Annual Sports Award fundraising dinner to memorialize the eleven murdered Israeli athletes during the 72 Munich Olympics. Then this one is great. In the 19 that you've heard about, this this story made it into the sort of campaign Keith campaign.

We knew about this one. This is like the one thing we did know about.

Right. It's one of those things that you heard at the time and then forgot. But to look back on it now. Pretty wild in the 90s. He tried to convert Mar a Lago into a country club. But the town council refused and placed restrictions on it. He then sued, claiming the council was discriminating against his club, partly because his club was open to Jews and blacks. Well, other clubs excluded Jews and blacks, according to some. The episode shook the Palm Beach establishment, unaccustomed to having its linen, dirty or not, aired publicly. And Trump suddenly made a national issue out of the discriminatory policies that social clubs, which led hundreds of these similar clubs across the country to change their admission policies and allow in blacks and Jews.

Wow. Based. Totally based, bro. Yeah. And listen to this quote from Abe Foxman, predecessor of Jonathan Greenblat at the ADL. He said, Trump, quote, Put the light on Palm Beach, not on the beauty and glitter, but on its seamier side of discrimination. It had an impact. He said he received several calls from Jewish residents telling how Palm Beach clubs were changing and began to admit Jewish members. Thanks, Trunk. A spokesman for the ADL said Trump had donated a total of fifty six thousand dollars to the ADL since the 1970s. And that's a lot. Wow, that's a ton of money, especially when we get into how much money Trump pledges to donate and then doesn't ever send a check. So the fact that check was signed, sealed and delivered to the ADL.

Yeah, it's pretty amazing. So what you're saying is Trump has contributed to the organization that is fighting incessantly and succeeding at getting some of the last Klinger's onto the Trump movement banned from the Internet. So beautiful, beautiful symmetry to that, I think.

Well, it's just like when Trump is taking dinner dates with Mark Zuckerberg at the White House to talk about the future of Facebook and Trump ism and, you know, making sure that cleaning up all the trash, making sure there's no one there in 2020 to call out the emperor for having no clothes at all. Which everybody can see except for a handful of shills. Trump gave a ten thousand dollar donation to the Museum of Jewish Heritage in 2003, according to spokeswoman Lisa Saffer, and a gift in 2012 for general operating expenses amounting to one hundred thousand dollars, an amount which put Trump's name on the museum's wall of contributors. He's been a regular contributor to the Friends of Israel Defense Forces, according to a spokesman.

Trump's son in law, Jared Kushner, is a member of that organization's national board. Didn't know that either. In 2000, Trump declined to run for president. Now, we did know this and I pointed this out before. In 2000, Trump declined to run for president as a member of the Reform Party because, quote, This is from Donald. Reform Party now includes a Klansman, Mr. Duke. A neo-Nazi. Mr. Buchanan. Yeah, that's Pat Buchanan, the neo-Nazi and a communist. Miss Fulani, this is company. I do not wish to keep t Trump.

Oh, yeah, company. I don't want to keep its rhetoric. I'll steal though an ape for my run 16 years later. No problem with that. Yeah. Don't worry though. None of it will ever see. See. Never. None of it will ever be accomplished. Yeah. It's amazing.

In 2000 Trump to close. Yeah. We did that in 2003. Trump was part of a group of New York donors who gave to the J an F to finance the construction of a reservoir in Western again.

In 2005, Trump also contributed toward the creation of new communities for Israelis who were evacuated from the Gaza Strip. So he keeps going back to the well on essentially building communities in Israel from on land that didn't belong to them. It's a shock that the Trump Heights hadn't been dedicated sooner. Trump Heights was merely just an extension of an extension of an extension of an already existing subdivision that had been going on since the 1980s to call this back on a cul de sac on a cul de sac.

In 2004, Trump was chosen to be the grand high with no. Just kidding. Grand Marshal of the Salute to Israel Parade, which was the largest single gathering in support of Israel with an estimated one million spectators, 40 floats, 16 marching bands and a dozen and dozens of entertainers. Wow. The Salute to Israel parade. Wow. Again, in 2005, Trump genuinely, generously helped resettle Jews expelled from the Gush Katif. At about that time, Trump also donated one or ten thousand dollars to American friends of Bête El institutions, a fund for religious institutions in some area. That's so cool. Thanks. Thanks, Trunk. According to the former Jacknife chairman, Effi Stanzler, the Israeli government requested assistance from Jewish organizations like Jan F to help pay costs of resettlement. Jacknife, quote, sought donations in the US and one of them was from Trunk, who is considered to be an avowed supporter of Israel, Stanzler Stanzler.

He was like the big fish that was on top of the fundraising list for these people for decades.

He's incredible. He's in the J and F Rolodex season. Epstein's Rolodex season. Wexner is real. I mean, you know, just because he's got eyes everywhere, you know, it's. In 2014, Trump pledged to donate more than one hundred thousand dollars to the Israeli Emergency Rescue Service. United Hatzolah. But the Purt purchase of four ambulances that each cost twenty six thousand dollars, according to the ALGA Minor Journal, a Jewish newspaper based in New York.

And of course, that's right. Well, that's great. He shorts them by four thousand dollars. They can't even. Of course. Yeah. But yeah, it's a la trump. I wonder, will Hatzolah be there to pick up the excellent African-Americans when they need ambulance services? I don't think so.

Yeah. This is the Crown Heights Ambulance Service. Right. And the ones that won't pick up anybody, I mean, yeah, this is this is tedious. Has done a deep dive on this many times. I think so.

Yeah. I mean, so here you are with this. Hindsight's 20, 20. What are you gonna do with that information? You know, what are you gonna do with that information now? Are you still on the Trump train? He's still you're still like, well, least it's not Democrat, X, Y, Z. It's like, well, look at what this actually is, though. And let's not pretend that this is anything other than that. Then this thing has been anything other than an up from the beginning. The idea that Trump was ever genuine because you can't beat like this completely pillories the argument that there was ever anything genuine to the rhetoric at all, because you can't be. What Trump has been to these people paying for resettlement after resettlement, after resettlement, all the things that his father was, you can't be that guy to those people and.

Think that you're going to make the country wide again, bring manufacturing back to the U.S., care about Christians, care about anything, any of the things that have been put out there. Biggest pro-life president that there ever was? No, you're just never, never. None of those issues like those issues are not compatible. They're not only not compatible, they are totally opposite of one another to the point over antithetic. They're totally antithetical end to the point of where it's almost put it's poison to these people. Trump supporting any of those issues in any genuine way would be absolute poison to any of the people that he's actually donated to. And before the cops come in and say, well, Jasmin's and James, all of these donations that Trump did, I mean, I'm sure that these paled in comparison to the donations that he's given to. I don't know. Veterans groups and and other big charities and, you know, certainly like white charities, charities that will benefit white people. Certainly he's given more there. No. Despite being just two percent of the nonprofit population, Jewish charities accounted for 95 percent of Donald Trump's charitable giving. And that's if you count the actual dollars you received, because as we well know who remember May 2016, remember the route. This may be like very vague on people's periphery. But remember the rally in 2016? I think it was January 2016 that Trump had and he was going to raise millions of dollars for veterans.

Right. And then the check was never written and people kept asking about it. And it was like, yeah, sure, yeah, whatever. Got to go now, you know, that kind of bit. And in May 2016, he finally gave a million dollars to the nonprofit group that was helping veterans, families like it under duress. He finally, like, coughed up the shekels for these veterans. And he's got a history of this. He's pledged something like eight and a half million dollars that have never been paid in 1988. He said to the homeless, to veterans, Vietnam Veterans for AIDS Multiple Sclerosis. Trump said that the proceeds of his first book, The Art of the Deal, would go to all of these groups. And, you know, he said that this would probably be four or five million dollars in 2015. The profits from my book, Trump said when a reporter asked about what he did with the proceeds from his most recent book, Crippled America. I'm giving them way to a lot of different groups, you know, like the vets. Okay, that just okay. Yeah, exactly. But yeah, it's a star, so stop asking. Yeah, stop asking. He said in 1989, I'm acting as an agent for charities. Trump said at the unveiling of Trump the Game, a game that was put together for Milton Bradley.

He estimated the board game alone would bring in 20 million dollars for charity. Milton Bradley, which made the game, saw the need for such a promise firsthand after the company released the game, which was a monopoly like board game. With Trump branding it didn't sell, according to George Deed Tomassi. The game was just nailed to the shelf. Nobody wanted to buy it. And so Trump only made eight hundred and eighty thousand dollars for it and even more from the art of the deal. But the proceeds didn't go to charity. They went straight into Trump's bank account. And I guess Trump was sued in New York over the game. Imagine this. He. He stole the idea for the game from somebody else and somebody sued him for that. And so Trump was on the witness stand. He said, are you asking me whether or not I took the check and endorsed it over to charity? Who would do that? It's like it's in the court record, so I could go on and on and on, and I mean, even in November twenty nineteen, Trump was ordered by a court to to pay two million dollars in damages because of misuse of charitable money that he had put into his foundation.

He bought like a ten thousand dollar portrait of himself and some other bullshit, blah, blah, blah. And again, like, you know, to the average person, this would if you were sitting here listening to this, it's like, oh, yeah, it's like just, you know, Trump and how he's misusing his money and whatever else. It's like no light switch brain. This is in the context of everything that he has done for Jews for decades. So when he is stooping whity for his charitable donations and stooping veterans who actually have given their lives and many of them in many cases, their limbs and their sanity for the state of Israel, this guy.

If Israel asks for money, give Shlomo whatever the fuck he wants. If it's from some veteran group or whatever, it's like you got to take this guy to court to get a penny. And it just goes on and on and on with all this stuff.

And so that's that's the point that we're trying to illustrate here, which is that, yeah, when it comes to Jews, this guy gives people whatever they want in 2008. There is this stir. This is one last thing. Trump said that he would send proceeds from the sales of Trump super premium vodka to the Walter Reed Society, which helps wounded military personnel. John Pierce, one of the group's board members, recalls receiving a few hundred bucks from Trump on the vodka. I don't know whether that's whether the vodka sucked. I wouldn't buy Trump super premium vodka if I saw that sitting on the shelf. My pick is either a Russian standard or it's another good one.

James Grey Goose. Grey Goose is good when it's on sale. I don't know, man. I'm more of a Jean-Guy Horia. Gina G.A. is good and he's good.

Definitely. But but that's the thing is like you look at you look at Trump hemming and hawing about giving a few hundred dollars to the veteran's group Walter Reed Society. But does he even have to think twice before stroking that six digit check to Hatzolah? No. And that's one of many donations he's given over the years. So, yeah, you look at where this guy's priorities are and who he's been serving in. The other thing is you made a good point earlier where his body of work does not square up to this idea that there was some desire, there's any desire to fight for you or to do to do things for you or to put you first. Put Americans first. If you have him in 2000, calling Pat Buchanan at the time, a Nazi Hitler who loves Hitler, it's gross. He loves Hitler. How how do you believe that this guy in just, what, 15 years has done a total 180 in his ideology and is now now this pro worker, pro white guy? It's not going to happen. And you can say, well, OK, these donations in the 2000s. He was trying to build curry favor with these people because he knew he was going to get into the politics. But these donations go back to the 70s. He was giving money to these people and helping these resettlement agencies since the 70s and 80s.

So unless you're going to argue this is a what, a 50 year, 60 year hoax in the making on these people, like the the levels of 40 chess that have to be believed here. It's just it's just not happening. It's just not plausible. You can't have a guy that has done what he's done here, that has his family has done what they have done over the last century and believe that he was anything other than he was fighting for anybody other than them. And if you looked at this body of work from this family, from Donald, from Fred Junior, from Fred, from his grandfather, and you were to change the last name, if this were to be the Bush family or the Coke family, you would take one look at it and see. Clearly, these people are never going to be fighting for us or the Romney family. So, yeah. OK, get out of here. But but it's the Trump's and Trump comes out and does the base tweets and the the rhetoric and and which again, worked at the time. But when you look back on this entire body of work, I don't know how you can come to any other conclusion than what we've come to here.

If you're being honest with yourself, and that's why he could count on Israeli intelligence assets to intervene and help in getting him elected. I mean, they knew that they were up against. It was up against Hillary Clinton. They knew that it was you know, there was going to be a major issue to get this guy in. And you can say Israel era. Sorry, Hillary was just a puppet or whatever. I just think she I think they really expected to win. I think they really wanted that to win. And Indignants got involved in this and pushed it over the line. They got this guy. And now the big question is, is whether they're going to be able to do that a second time, especially as things are starting to unravel. We're going to talk about that in part two a little bit. But in the midst of all of this with coronavirus and while Trump is still president, Israel is now I don't know if people saw this, but Israel is asking for double. It's present military aid. Why not quadruple it? Do you think Trump would ever say no? I mean, ask for a hundred times what they're getting, ask for a trillion dollars in U.S. military aid. Who's going to say no? Just an anti Semite. Right, James. And so with Cauvin 19 causing a potential economic crisis in the U.S., Israeli officials are anxious to get as much military aid from the U.S. as quickly as possible.

Their requests seek the aid delivered ahead of schedule and potentially double the agreed amount. Last year, Israel asked for three point eight billion. This year could ask for as much as seven point six. Israeli aid is doubled. This would work out to 21 million dollars a day to Israel. So here's here's the Talmage three two. Israel is expected to argue that military aid will help the U.S. recover from its own financial slump because this aid tends to be spent heavily on U.S. weapons produced in U.S. factories. In some, Israelis argue that the aid could be, in effect, presented as a domestic spending stimulus to help their own arms manufacturers rather than foreign aid. Our arms manufacturers so proves present increased aid to Israel as a US stimulus package. Like, wow. Oh, man. Yeah, you are here now. All right.

And when you hear these Republicans, as we'll talk about in the second hour, stamping their feet and slamming the door on any further deficit spending. Yeah, there's going to be a huge asterisk attached to that statement. The caveat being, unless the deficit spending is going to Israel now. Yeah. Yeah. And this is just ridiculous, man. Looking at this this track record and in what we have stap salute state of Trump, the absolute state of Trump ism. Yep.

So without further ado. Be right back. Short break right here on the.

You're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever, bash the nation, the nation.

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