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Shocking: Jewish Money Is Bankrolling Subversion of British Politics

I am shocked, shocked I tell you, to find out that the breakaway parliamentary group – whose ranks comprised disaffected Labour and Conservative MPs – is being bankrolled by Jews. Absolutely no one could have predicted this.

With 3 “Conservatives” and 7 Labourites, led (informally, as yet) by the Jewess Luciana Berger and the half-negro (Spear)Chuka Umunna, its backers hope that what is so far just a parliamentary grouping will be the nucleus of a future party that will break apart the traditional British party system and, ultimately, eclipse the “antisemitic” Labour party.

Their two issues seem to be:

Stopping Brexit

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Suppressing “antisemitism”

Their working definition of “antisemitism” seems to be any critical remarks about Jews or anything Jews feel strongly about, or any goyspeech at all that gives Jews disagreeable feelings when they read or hear it, even if reading or hearing it involves paid minions in Jewish propaganda groups spending hours trawling through obscure web pages to find the “offensive” remarks in question, then drawing them to the world’s attention, complete with histrionic speeches about the “Holocaust” and how their dear old granny died in it, claiming the impact of those terrible words upon their consciousness made them feel “unsafe”.

It is mind-stonkingly, breath-takingly surprising to find that this subversive outfit is being financed by Jews.

Sir David Garrard

Step forward Sir David Garrard and Sir Trevor Chinn. You may remember this pair of dodgy characters from Tom Watson’s list of donors, both on the board of the Jewish Leadership Council. Watson is still deputy leader of the Labour party, constantly promoting the “antisemitism” agenda and generally acting as a wrecking ball to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. As has so often been alleged against them throughout history, therefore, the Jews are financing both sides in a war: the Labour party itself, and the group breaking away from it!

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Because of the nature of the British electoral system, it’s doubtful that this attempt at subversion could succeed in the long run. But for the Jews’ purposes to be fulfilled, it doesn’t have to. It just needs to offer them a temporary expedient they can use to thwart Brexit by offering MPs an escape from their party’s internal disciplinary processes; and to serve as an anvil against which Jeremy Corbyn can be cracked. Yesterday offered a perfect illustration of how this will work.

Chris Williamson, a Corbyn ally, was shown saying that the party’s response to bogus accusations of antisemitism had been weak.

For this he was bogusly accused of antisemitism, and Corbyn weakly capitulated to his accusers by suspending him from the party.

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But the way this happened was interesting. Corbyn, reportedly at first, was not minded to take any action against Williamson. There was then a furious meeting of the parliamentary party at which as many as 38 MPs threatened to leave the party and join the breakaway group unless Williamson was suspended. Corbyn was forced to give in. This will now be the regular modus operandi of the Jews and their shabbos goyim. Anyone who dares to talk back to the Chosen, or to challenge their agenda in any way, will face similar demands, backed up by the threat to leave the party for the breakaway group.

It is a stunning illustration of Jewish power that they have been able to disrupt and subvert Labour as completely as they have, over such a prolonged period, while suffering little or no public criticism of their conduct. Even those having their lives or careers destroyed by Jewish Power dare not call it out or challenge it overtly.

Labour got only 20 thousand votes from Jews (amounting to 13-14% of the Jewish vote) at either of the last 2 general elections. It is utterly insignificant. Yet somehow they have allowed themselves to be drawn into a years-long civil war over how strenuously they should pander to the ethno-narcissistic concerns of this tiny group of people. It is astonishing.

Equally astonishing is the complete domination of public discourse by the Jews and their catspaws. The vast majority of Labour party members think, correctly, that the antisemitism accusations are a contrived exercise in defamation motivated by a desire to protect Israel from Jeremy Corbyn’s critique. Yet their voices are never heard in the media, whose presentation is entirely one-sided and in favour of the Jews. Newspapers like the Guardian publish Jewish screeds on the issue then turn the comments off so the goy can’t talk back. Sky News hosts “debates” on the issue in which every person in the debate has the same view: “it’s impossible to be too tough on antisemitism”.

The fact that Jewish racists have been able successfully to portray a far-left party committed to the open-borders racial annihilation of its own people as racist is yet further testimony to their extraordinary power. With such complete domination of public speech, reality can be turned on its head.

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You see this process illustrated in this video (the same one mentioned above in the news clip about Chris Williamson).

It tells the tale of how a half-black, half-Jewish woman was destroyed because she claimed that Jews financed the transatlantic slave trade and called it an “African Holocaust”. The Jews just kept badgering the party with complaints about her, until eventually she was suspended, even though the complaint they had made about her made no real sense.

Bear in mind that this video was made by and for far-leftists. But it still contains enough interesting detail about the operation of Jewish power to make it of use to far-rightists.

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