BBC Counters Russian Propaganda by Copy-Pasting Russian Military PR Stunt

The bullhorn for British state propaganda is also the bullhorn for Russian state propaganda

Are you British or a subject of the Queen Mother? Then you might want to ask the BBC why it is spending your money to act as a propaganda bullhorn for Russia.

We're not kidding. The BBC is spending precious British tax pounds to help draw a human smiley face on the Russian military.

Here's the story.

The Russians took some of their defense rubles that would normally go to barrel bombing ponies and created a "virtual tour" for their military-research base in the Arctic. 

And the BBC wants you to know all about it. See for yourself:

The only other outlets which reported on this were RT, Sputnik, RIA Novosti and Newsweek. Indeed the BBC article is a carbon copy of the RIA Novosti report.

Is the unaccountable, state-funded BBC desperate for content and clicks? Has it been penetrated by Russian moles? Or is amplifying government propaganda -- any government propaganda -- just a compulsion for the sycophants working there?

We demand an investigation by Louise Mensch!