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Hidden Aspects of the Paris Terror Attacks - Who Benefits?

Could Syria, the refugee crisis, right-wing politics and the Paris massacre have more in common than meets the eye?

Originally appeared at New Eastern Outlook

A series of bloody attacks in Paris exposed a handful of aspects that have so far been hindered by the official rhetoric of Western politicians and media sources in order to show the so-called “success” of “anti-terrorist campaign” unleashed by Washington. But first one must a question – who benefits from the Paris attacks?

Let’s start with coverage of the unprecedented wave of migration that has struck Europe in recent months. The Western media has already begun to gradually leak information that there’s no way that this flow could be unprovoked or uncontrolled, so there can be little doubt that there’s certain financial and political circles behind this crisis. Ultimately, these criminals have hit a gold vein, cashing in on the desire of displaced residents of Africa and the Middle East to pursue a better life in Europe.

A series of investigations that were being carried out in this field would have uncovered certain Western politicians behind this trafficking, so the Paris attacks were necessary to create a handful of problems for private investigators, while strengthening the position of far-right political forces in Europe, especially in a situation when these attacks were carried out by incredibly young terrorists, as it has been reported by the French press.

Recent opinion polls in France and several other European countries indicate that the refugee crisis and the ongoing Washington wars have pushed right-wing forces to the center stage of the European politics, that may become obvious on the upcoming French elections.

The ongoing crusade that has been carried by the US neoconservatives for over 15 years now, in a desperate attempt to establish the US hegemony over the Middle East, has virtually obliterated the electoral support that the ruling political establishment in Europe enjoyed for decades. European nations want to preserve their cultural identity, therefore, they object to the prospect of being forced into a modern tower of Babel, created by millions of refugees forced from their homes by Washington’s wars. This situation strengthens the position of right-wing forces in France and in Europe in general. There’s no need to explain that the recent attacks in Paris will strengthen the position of those who have called to close the borders for migrants, especially in Germany and Sweden.

The EU has been searching for a “decent way out” of the migration crisis, especially in a situation when the EU member states started fighting over migrant quotas, reluctant to suffer any more economical damage. After all, no one would genuinely believe that French security services, once they were provided with unlimited capabilities to spy on most any resident in the country would “miss” terrorists planning to slaughter the civilian population with AKs, especially in those days when the French president is holding a meeting with the honorary guest of a neighboring state.

However, special attention must be paid to the US response to these attacks, that is not simply exposing the true role of Washington in this tragedy, but also reveals the true face of Western hypocrites.

As always, while trying to fool the public with American pseudo-success in the field of ‘combating terrorism’, on Friday November 13, Barack Obama in an interview on ABC News made a “sensational” statement that the United States “due to its decisive actions” have managed “to contain the terrorists of the Islamic state.” It’s noteworthy that the Washington Times commented on this statement with a short note about the terrorist attack in Paris being carried out hours after this statement.

However, this was not the only “revelation” of US officials, as the US Secretary of State Kerry at a meeting of foreign ministers in Vienna, has publicly stated that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad “… is closely affiliated with ISIL .. since he buys crude oil from ISIL “. Someone would for sure would want turn a blind eye to such remarks made Kerry, since his apparent “fatigue” caused by numerous trips in recent years is now apparent. It’s all must be really difficult for a man of his age, especially when his military background is taken into account, but it’s obvious that at times he cannot read the speeches that were written for him by his aids in the right way. Or maybe he has been interested in the international and American media lately, that has been revealing the involvement of the United States in the creation of ISIL, while the crude oil stolen by ISIL is being sold by American allies – Turkey and Ukraine.

While trying to stay out of direct military involvement in Syria, the US has urged Paris to send an expeditionary forces for it to fight the Islamic state. This call has been voiced by Stratfor, which is often labeled as the “shadow CIA”. In particular, Stratfor noted that the sky over Syria is packed with Syrian and Russian warplanes, so France may engage the Islamic state on the ground in Iraq and in other countries, including Libya. Stratfor anyalists are convinced that this engagement would be no different from the French operation in the African Sahel region, that was aimed at suppressing various extremist groups. As for the US, Stratfor states, it would assist France with transport aircraft.

It is possible that in the next weeks we will learn even more “shadow aspects” of the brutal attack on Paris, and about the role Western elites played in it. It may be so that we are witnessing the repetition of the situation with “Operation Gladio”, due to which hundreds of innocent Italians have perished in CIA-planned terrorist attacks that was aiming at ensuring the success of Western oligarchies.

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