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Russian Foreign Minister Receives Black Belt in YOLO

Sergei Lavrov is the hero of our times

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

It's time to recognize a man. Not just any ordinary man. A hero. And not just any hero. A hero who told Mike Pence, straight to his smarmy, florescent face that Russia was going to end the U.S.-led world order.

This is a hero who stepped up to a podium and reminded Angela Merkel that her "ally" had tapped her phones.

<figcaption>We love this man</figcaption>
We love this man

(Usually when Merkel wants a thorough spanking she needs to pay an East German dominatrix. But our hero is also a gentleman who would never accept money for doing a good deed.)

Yes, this demigod is known by us mere mortals as Sergei Lavrov. He is the foreign minister of the Russian Federation, and he knows that You Only Live Once. He actually has a black belt in this ancient eastern martial art.

More recently, Lavrov (okay, he is probably too busy dispensing verbal wedgies to western leaders; but we can dream) created a new section on the Russian Foreign Ministry's website, where he (okay, probably an intern) brands dumb western articles with giant "FAKE" stamps. Yes, there is now an entire section of the Russian Foreign Ministry's website dedicated to this ultimate YOLO troll-task:

Many respectable western news outlets, twitter accounts and blogs have mocked this new initiative. Why? Is there anything more amazing than the Russian Foreign Ministry taking time out of its busy day to internet-stamp dumb articles? These are the sweet moments in life. Don't take them for granted.

Reminisce with us.

There are so many amazing Lavrov YOLO moments — remember when he told CNN that the U.S. presidential election was "full of pussies"?

Or do you recall the time when Lavrov told a female reporter that it was "politically incorrect" for a "lady to address a gentleman while on her knees"?

Like a modern Epictetus, Lavrov is a master of stoic YOLOism.

Lavrov is love. Lavrov is life.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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