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Serbian Army Units to March in Moscow's Victory Day Parade

The Serbian president will be present at the Victory Parade as well

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BELGRADE, April 6 (TASS) - Serbian army units will march on Moscow’s Red Square at Victory Parade on May 9 following a decision by Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic, the Serbian Defense Ministry wrote on its website.

The ministry also said the Serbian president would be present at the Victory Parade on Red Square on May 9.

<figcaption>Photo: Marina Lystseva, ITAR-TASS</figcaption>
Photo: Marina Lystseva, ITAR-TASS

In a March interview with the Serbian liberal newspaper Blitz, Eduard Kukan, a European Parliament deputy from Slovakia, said that Nikolic should restrict his forthcoming visit to Moscow by laying a wreath to the grave of an unknown soldier near the Kremlin Wall but should not be present at the military parade on Red Square on May 9. The Serbian president replied that he considered it indecent for someone to give a piece of advice if he was not asked for it.

"The opinion of the majority of our citizens is such that our country should contribute to developing the best relations with all countries, including Russia," Nikolic said adding that he was obviously supporting the opinion of Serbian citizens.

On March 26, the Chinese Defense Ministry confirmed that Chinese servicemen would take part in the Victory Day Parade on May 9. "China will send its guards of honor to participate in the military parade in Moscow on May 9," the ministry’s spokesperson told TASS.

"Chinese President Xi Jinping; the presidents of India, South Africa, Mongolia and Vietnam as well as the leaders of Cuba and North Korea have confirmed participation in the Victory Day celebrations," Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on March 17.

"Invitations have been sent to the heads of 68 foreign countries as well as the leaders of the United Nations, UNESCO, the Council of Europe and the European Union," Lavrov said.

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MORE: Military

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