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SBU Chief Investigator: If "Ukrainophobes" Don't Want to Be Murdered, They Should Keep Quiet

"Ukrainophobes" should keep quiet if they are afraid of reprisals, according to Ukrainian Security Service chief investigator Vasily Vovk

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This article originally appeared at Korrespondent. It was translated by RI's Alina Belyanina

The Head of the Main Investigation Department of the Ukrainian Security Service Vasily Vovk advises "Ukrainophobes" to minimize rhetoric for their own safety due to the recent murders in Ukraine. He said this on ICTV channel's program “Freedom of Speech” on the evening of April 20.

<figcaption>Vasily Vovk</figcaption>
Vasily Vovk

He said, "I think that at the present time, when a war practically going on, 'Ukrainophobes', if they don't shut their mouths, should at least stop their rhetoric. In this situation, I believe that it is not necessary to act or speak directly against Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. It won't bring good to anybody. I speak as chief of Investigation Department of the Ukrainian security Service."

Responding to a question about whether he has a scientific or legal definition of "Ukrainophobia" Vovk said, "No. But we understand what is at stake."

As reported, Oleg Kalashnikov, former member of the Party of Regions, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of V convocation, was killed in Kiev on April 15. Oles Buzina, the journalist and writer, was murdered in the capital near the entrance of his house on the afternoon of April 16.

The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, urged a prompt investigation of the murders of Kalashnikov and Buzina.

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MORE: Ukraine

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