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Yandex Launches Yandex.Radio

Yandex Launches Free Curated Music Service for Russians, Yandex.Radio

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Today Yandex (NASDAQ: YNDX) announced having launched an all new media player service dubbed Yandex.Radio. The service, with over 100 stations, offers highly differential tuning and enjoyment across a wide array of music genres.

Jogging or motivational tunes to 1950s or 1960s hits, Yandex's second music service ties into the media conglomerate's already massive 20 million track inventory. Konstantin Vorontsov, head of music services at Yandex had this to add at the announcement: 

<figcaption>Yandex Radio</figcaption>
Yandex Radio

“Yandex.Radio and Yandex.Music complement each other: Yandex.Music allows users to discover something new, while Yandex.Radio provides tracks to suit any situation. Yandex.Radio is what one needs when they aren’t looking for something specific, but simply want music that would suit their mood – whether they want to unwind, or get an energy boost.”

According to the press from Yandex, the new service adapts to listeners’ tastes, then plays music that's tailiored to their individual tastes. Yandex’s music recommendation technology Disco is what powers this aspect of intelligent and easy listening for users. User ratings boost the power of suggestion, delivering more of the things listeners like like similar services such as Spotify etc.

Yandex.Radio is based on the same music catalog that forms the backbone of pay streaming service Yandex.MusicHere's a screenshot of what the desktop version looks like in Yandex browser (translating to English). 

Image icon screen.jpg
The Yandex Radio interface on my PC

Currently available only in Russia (I tried to test for you in Germany) for mobile devices using Android and iOS, Yandex.Radio works on desktop as well. Readers can try the free service out via by visiting

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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