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World's First Gas-Fueled Locomotive Put Into Operation in Russia

RYANSK, November 13 (TASS) - The world’s first LNG-powered railway locomotive has been put into operation in Russia, the press service of the Bryansk Machine-building Plant, the manufacturer of such engines, told TASS on Friday.

"The plant has handed over to the Sverdlovsk railway a TEM19 shunting locomotive. This is the world’s first railway engine powered by liquefied natural gas," the press service said.

NLG engines, according to the press service, will make it possible to reduce environmental burden and cut transportation costs. Thus, the new LNG locomotive will make it possible to save energy resources by 24% a year.

The Bryansk Machine-building Plant is Russia’s biggest manufacturer of shunting and mainline locomotives, freight railway cars of various types. It is incorporated into the Transmashholding corporation.

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