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As Websites Cut Out Comments Sections, New App Brings Back Free Speech is releasing 'Dissenter,' an app that allows users to comment anywhere on the web

Gab's sister product Dissenter, the comment section of the internet, is driving a true public discussion on websites that are removing comment sections or heavily censoring user feedback. Dissenter is a browser extension and website that allows any Gab user to comment on any URL across the web in a shared public square on that link.

As the movie review site Rotten Tomatoes removed the comment section while YouTube altered their search system to bury "bad" reviews of the new movie Captain Marvel, Dissenter users left over 3,000 reviews and comments on the page expressing their opinion about the movie.

Dissenters left over 5,000 comments on the controversial interview with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on the Joe Rogan Experience. During the stream, comments were disabled on YouTube. Dissenter users were able to watch and have a discussion about the stream as it was happening.

Shaving company Gillette released a controversial new commercial on YouTube this week and deactivated the comment section. On Dissenter over 1,000 comments were left on the video.

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Dissenter is changing the way discussions are happening on the web. No longer can Silicon Valley giants, media companies, or anyone else decide what you can or cannot comment on. Every news article, every YouTube video, every tweet, and every other url on the internet now has a comment section.

Login to Dissenter with your Gab account, install the browser extension, and see what everyone is talking about.

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