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Ukraine, Nuclear Power Stations Are Not Something to Mess With!

This has never happened, either under the Soviets or the pre-Maidan ‘criminal regimes’


This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Yurasumy is a popular Ukrainian blogger

Honestly, there are no normal words to say this, only swear words. It’s time for the UN to tell Ukraine to cease their experiments with the Nuclear Power Station. Politicians and thieves should not be allowed to risk the public’s health just to line their pockets.

<figcaption>They shouldn't be allowed near sharp objects, let alone this!</figcaption>
They shouldn't be allowed near sharp objects, let alone this!

This station has three units – three legacies of the totalitarian past. With respect to the third block, things are pretty clear: there was a planned shutdown for maintenance and additional charging of American nuclear fuel elements.

As for the second, the situation is very bad. It has been put out of operation for four times over the last three months, after being allegedly overhauled in December and its operational life extended for another 10 years.

According to the rules, many rods must be changed, but employees say they were only overhauled. Why is that?  Greedy officials or lack of funds?  A Nuclear Power Station is no laughing matter.

The other day, the last unit - the first one in order of numbering - experienced an emergency shutdown. According to the National Nuclear Energy Generating Company of the Ukraine, there were problems with the turbine. Apparently, somebody decided to save money on that as well.

The station has completely shut down for the first time since  ‘independence’. I congratulate the patriots for succeeding in doing what seemed impossible just 20 years ago.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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