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Russia and India to Create Joint Military Satellite System

The system may later be expanded to other BRICS states

This article originally appeared at Russia & India Report 

Roscosmos is planning to propose to India the creation of a joint satellite system.

The Izvestia Newspaper’s source at Roskosmos said that the basis of this proposal is the project involving the renovation of the satellite communication system Gonets (Messenger). The Gonets, a military communications system, has 13 satellites.

It is expected that Dmitry Bakanov, General Director of Gonets, will be making a report on this project during a closed-door meeting of the Russian-Indian Intergovernmental Commission. The president of the company declined to comment on this information.

There are plans to modify the system, if India or other BRICS countries agree to work together on this project. Roscosmos claims that these satellites will help provide fixed-link communications for remote areas.

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