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A First: Russian Private Space Company Sells Satellites to US

Russia has transferred space technology to US before but this time the sale was made by a private company

Originally appeared at The Moscow Times

The Russian private commercial satellite company Dauria Aerospace has completed its first deal to sell two of its satellites to a U.S. firm, the RIA Novosti news agency reported Tuesday.

“We are happy to complete, perhaps, the first private space contract fulfilled in Russia. It's a very successful deal for us,” Dauria Aerospace's general director Sergei Ivanov was quoted by RIA Novosti as saying.

The two Dauria Aerospace's Perseus-M satellites operating in the orbit, as well as necessary licenses for using the technology, were purchased by the U.S.-based company Aquila Space.

The total value of the deal is estimated at between $4.35 million and $6 million depending on license rates, according to Ivanov.

Dauria Aerospace, founded by the co-owner of electronics retailer Technosila, Mikhail Kokorich, in 2012, launched two Perseus-M satellites in June last year. The satellites were developed by the Russian and U.S. divisions of the company.

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