Saudis Deliberately Wipe out a Funeral in Yemen, 140 Dead. What Was US Role?

The US is an indispensable part of the Saudi coalition savagely torturing the nation of Yemen

A funeral was bombed in Yemen's capital over the weekend killing 140 and wounding over 500 people. The locals immediately blamed Saudi aircraft for carrying out the strikes.

Now why would the Saudis do such a thing? Simple:

...air strikes occurred as the funeral reception was under way for the father of Brigadier Jalal al-Ruweishan, interior minister in the self-proclaimed Houthi government.

The source said al-Ruweishan was present at the event. It is not clear whether he survived the attack.

Saudis thought to bag themselves an interior minister in the Saleh-Houthi government and if they wiped out a hundred of his friends and family to do it, well that's only a bonus. As it was, albeit initially feared dead, al-Ruwaishan survived the bombing but certainly not due to any lack of effort on the Saudi end:

There is no question that a funeral hall is a civilian target, and there is no doubt that targeting of it was deliberate. Even if coalition airstrikes hit civilian targets by accident, they may still be considered war crimes.

The bombing of this funeral was clearly done on purpose with blatant disregard for the lives of the civilians there. Targeting a site where many hundreds of noncombatants were gathered is undeniably a gross violation of international law.

As they have done in the past, coalition jets returned to bomb the place again as first responders appeared on the scene. This so-called “double tap” strike has become a common tactic for the Saudis and their allies, and it demonstrates just how little regard they have for civilian lives and medical personnel.

Saudis first denied carrying out the raid and then promised to "probe" the incident, but Americans left the cat out of the bag when they announced they will be "reviewing" their support for the Saudi war effort. In fact US media seemed to devote as much time to the US government efforts to disassociate itself from the events as reporting on the actual attacks -- but should DC really be left off the hook this easily?

Saudis are flying US-made aircraft, firing US-made missiles. US provides aerial refueling for Saudi bombers over Yemen and almost certainly collects targeting intelligence for the Saudi planes. US participates in the naval blockade of Yemen that has pushed millions of its people to the brink of starvation. It is quite possible that malnutrition due to the blockade has already claimed tens, or hundreds of thousands of excess deaths of the most vulnerable but that we don't yet know because of lack of data and studies.

The press speaks of the war in Yemen as being waged by a "Saudi-led coalition of nine mainly Sunni Arab states". This is fiction. Most coalition members fall somewhere between token participants and mercenaries. On the one hand there is Jordan participating with all of a handful of planes, and on the other there is Sudan (yesterday's bad guys) which has basically rented out its soldiers as mercenaries for a cool 2.2 billion Dollars.

In reality the US contribution to the onslaught on Yemen is far greater than that of the likes of Morocco, Senegal, Pakistan or Jordan. If these nations are part of the "Saudi-led" coalition then the US is only much more so. This is first and foremost a Saudi-American war, one that wouldn't be possible without US logistical, diplomatic and moral backing. Last month Hillary Clinton talked about the US being the world's "indispensable nation". It's certainly indispensable to the deranged torment new Saudi rulers have dreamed up for Yemen.

Think about this the next time you hear Samantha Power screeching about Assad's "barrel bombs" or John Kerry calling for a war crimes tribunal for Vladimir Putin.