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Saudi Prince Detained With 2 Tons of Delicious Amphetamines Destined for 'Moderate' Syrian Mouths

Nothing says "freedom" like "Saudi-smuggled speed"


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What do Japanese Kamikaze pilots, American college freshmen, and Syrian terrorists all have in common? A profound love for amphetamines, of course. But amphetamines do not grow on trees, sadly. Instead, it's widely understood that amphetamines derive from giant cardboard boxes stashed on the private jet of a Saudi prince. Don't pretend to be surprised, dear reader. Here are the tasty details: 

Saudi prince has been detained at Beirut airport in Lebanon after two tons of an amphetamine drug popular with Syrian rebels was found on a private jet. Prince Abdel Mohsen Bin Walid Bin Abdulaziz and four other men were held after what was described as the biggest ever drugs bust at the city’s main Rafik Hariri International Airport, according to local media and security sources.

<figcaption>So many freedom pills</figcaption>
So many freedom pills

The plane was en route to Saudi Arabia, but it's painfully clear where these amphetamines were heading: 

It is the drug of choice for front-line fighters on both sides in the Syrian war, allowing a heightened state of alertness.

Last week the BBC inadvertently admitted that Saudi Arabia was sending weapons directly to the al-Qaeda affiliate "al-Nusra Front."

It must be so convenient to get your guns and drugs from the same dealer, and free of charge!

We would like to point out for the record that during the Libyan "civil war", Gadhafi repeatedly claimed that young Libyans were being fed obscene doses of drugs to turn them into gun-wielding zombies. Oddly enough, Libya was also (and still is) a popular destination for "rebel groups with al-Qaeda links". What a strange coincidence

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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