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Russia’s VE Parade This Week Proves Its Draconian, Costly, Repressive Lockdown Was Never Warranted

Russia is going to hold a massive public gathering with COVID-positive deaths still at their peak


This Wednesday Russia is going to hold the VE Day parade that was supposed to be held on May 9th Victory Day but was pushed back as Russia went into a national COVID lockdown at the end of March.

Well, how are things different now than they were then? On May 9th (which was a Saturday) Russia reported 104 Covid-positive deaths, but last Saturday Russia reported 161 Covid-positive deaths.

So if anything the COVID situation today is worse than it was on Victory Day. What is more, the current death count is close to the peak and has not budged for 3 weeks.

In terms of positive PCR test outcomes, Russia reported 11 thousand on May 9th and 8 thousand on June 20th. This is somewhat less but still in the same ballpark.

Despite that, Russia’s lockdown ended at least 3 weeks ago and 2 weeks ago in Moscow.

So what exactly are we to conclude from this? That 11000 daily cases and 100 deaths is such a crisis it requires all economic, public and social life to cease, but 8000 new daily cases and 160 deaths is just business as usual?

Because to me, it sounds like if you can have normal life in the latter situation, then you could have just as easily had normal life in the former circumstances.

That is, if you’re lucky enough to have somebody with some folksy wisdom and some courage in control. Someone like Lukashenko.

Source: Anti-Empire
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