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Russia's Massive Military Industry Exporting at Record Levels, Sanctions Not Working (Russian TV News)

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Take a look at some of the weapons in this video, they are awe-inspiring. Russian weapons manufacturing is on steriods, and their technology is way ahead of the US. Are US weapons development labs drinking their own Koolaid, doing a lot of minority and female hiring, throwing in a couple transgenders to keep up appearances? Something is allowing Russia to run circles around the US.


They should adopt a roadmap for the implementation of the military-technical cooperation strategy and work on the proposals for joint projects received at the Russia-Africa Summit. These are the tasks given by Vladimir Putin at the meeting for military-technical cooperation commission, which he held today in the Kremlin. They made plans for the future and summed up the results of the year, which don't look bad. According to the President, Russia's position on the global arms market is strengthening, despite the sanctions.

Evgeny Reshetnyov figured out what reinforces Russia's position.

These are those promoting military contracts worth billions of dollars at the table with the president. Denis Manturov represented Russian developments in Dubai in mid-November of 2019, Sergey Shoygu discussed defense contracts in Cairo a week earlier, and Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov signed an agreement on military-technical cooperation in Caracas in October. There's an ironclad rule applicable to exports: samples of weapons first enter operational service in our armed forces; only then can they be sold abroad.

Vladimir Putin: “Exports of Russian weapons and military hardware have been growing. This year, we completed orders worth a total of $13 billion. That's $2 billion more than in the same period last year. Russia's position on the global arms market is strengthening despite the increased sanctions pressure and unfair competition.

The Iskander operational-tactical systems strike at firing points of a maneuver adversary at the Kapustin Yar testing ground. This was a large-scale exercise.”

The Iskander is so formidable and powerful that the export of it was prohibited until recently. However, they've already developed a modified version of it for exports. But the new Su-57 aircraft can and will be sold to those who are interested in acquiring the best fighters in the world. They've already passed combat testing in Syria.

The Naval Salon in Saint Petersburg and the Army and MAKS forums in Moscow Oblast are the showcases of the Russian defense industry, so the interest in them is huge.

This year, Russia presented the Mi-38T transport helicopter, which has increased airlift capability, the fourth-generation intermediate-range air defense system Viking, and the Tigr armored vehicles; our military police use the latter to ensure the safety of civilians in Syria. The number of orders for Russian weaponry has been consistently growing. There is now $50 billion worth of contracts.

Vladimir Putin: “We should analyze the situation on regional markets constantly, in real-time, note the buyers' changing requirements, and meet their growing demand. You should focus primarily on the CSTO and CIS member states and our other traditional partners, including those in Africa.”

At the Russia-Africa forum in Sochi, where every state of the continent was represented, there were queues at stands with Russian weapons. A large contract with Angola was executed not long ago; the republic bought Su-30K fighters. Turkey, a NATO member, is ready to enter a sanctions war with America but is not ready to give up the Russian air defense systems.

Vladimir Putin: “We should stay close to the client and take more efforts to increase the number of service centers in the clients' countries. There's also a new field – the establishment of joint ventures to produce spares for the already delivered hardware abroad.”

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Despite the unfair competition, Russia continues to increase its exports of defense products. A new strategy for military-technical cooperation was adopted to overcome the sanctions pressure as well. Putin tasked the government with drawing up a roadmap for its implementation.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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