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Russians LOVE Christmas Light Displays - Moscow's Extravagance Exceeds Anything in the West

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Russians visiting New York, London, or Berlin around Christmas for the first time often express surprise that the municipal decorations are not as stupendous as in Moscow. They assume that since the West invented Christmas, they must have the splashiest light shows of all. It seems Russia, in its enthusiasm for what it imagines is Western Christmas, has more lights than anyone.


Today, the capital began its journey to Christmas. The route is fantastic. Fantastic worlds, eras, and countries are crossing each other at the over 80 platforms of the main winter festival. By the way, at the heart of the festival, Nikolskaya Street and Revolution Square are once more connected by a crosswalk. It hasn't been in use for ten years but now it’s open after reconstruction.

Olga Armyakova will tell the rest.

Winter has yet to come to the best winter city. It's only +1°C (34F) outside, but a colorful and longed-for holiday is coming. It's the time of New Year's miracles. The journey begins. The shining Moscow welcomes its guests. The capital of the festival stands in all its beauty: endless collars of garlands and the main decoration, New Year trees. They're already performing round dances around them. Breathtaking winter fun. Welcome to the fairy tale where, under the sparkling skies, we have a gingerbread house, a candy workshop, and a Christmas fairy of presents from all over the world. The smell of mandarins and a magical mood are floating in the air.

“It's fantastic, wonderful, great, fun, and beautiful.”

“It's like you are a child once more.

“I wish you happiness and good health.”

“What about wishes coming true?”

“That goes without saying.”

Ded Moroz, presents, and New Year trees: a New Year atmosphere, indeed. The day is only lacking snow. You can have it on New Arbat Avenue. Take a breathtaking snowboard ride from a high ice hill.

“I've dreamed of gliding on a snowboard. And today, it came true in downtown Moscow.”

The Kremlin is now shining bright not only in the heart of Moscow but on the square at Kievsky Station as well. The chimes are about to strike 12 o'clock. Polar bears are coming to life, and three horses is taking off.

We're heading East, to Sokolniki. There, they have the atmosphere of Chinese New Year. This city is never boring.

The celebration can't be complete without a feast. They don't discuss tastes but try everything. These people are in line for sweets. On an open fire, they're cooking Shakotis, a famous Lithuanian dessert. They also have Yenisei sterlets, Greek pies, and Swiss raclettes. A dainty New Year menu.

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We are seeing off the Old Year while preparing to greet the New Year. 2020 will be fabulous.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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