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Russians Help Disinfect Italian Hospital (Video)

The following video from RT shows the arrival of a team of Russian technicians to disinfect a hospital in Bergamo, the epicenter of the ChiCom virus outbreak in Northern Italy.

The Russians are using a 70% ethanol solution to do the disinfection. That’s 140 proof. I figure they just diverted a couple of truckloads of vodka from a Moscow distillery, and watered it down a little for medical use.

The clip is in Russian and Italian, but MissPiggy has kindly translated it from the German subtitles. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video link

Video transcript:

00:34   All of us, the people of Bergamo, thank you for what you are doing for us.
01:05   Disinfection is carried out with the help of portable disinfection modules
01:10   that use aerosol techniques that have a higher processing power.
01:15   The entire room surface is disinfected.
01:28   The solution is not harmful to the premises but it disinfects them completely.
01:38   There is a lot of work to do. We try to do the disinfection thoroughly
01:43   by moving furniture, tables and everything else.
01:47   We try to disinfect it well and carefully.
01:59   There is a lot of work. Of course it is helpful for our staff,
02:03   because with our current resources and with our sick staff
02:06   we are not able to disinfect everything that needs to be disinfected, so we thank you
02:12   and the civil protection who help us in this situation.
02:24   Of course, we would not have expected help from Russia, perhaps from a country that is closer
02:28   to Italy than Russia, but we appreciate it all very much.
03:53   20 people have died here in three weeks because we have the virus here. The virus is out there.
04:00   We’re helping to deal with it. We’re disinfecting it.
04:06   All rooms will be disinfected with 70% ethyl alcohol.
04:21   I believe it’s necessary. I’m very glad they came to disinfect this hospital.
04:40   I think it is necessary to cooperate with countries the way Russia and Italy are doing. It is
04:44   necessary to help each other, because today you are helping us and tomorrow we will help you.

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