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'Russians Are Sh*theads!' - Grandpa Lenin in His Own Words

One of history's great Russia-haters. A choice collection of some of his blistering tirades, courtesy of the one and only Vladimir Zhirinovsky, one of Russia's most popular politicians

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Vladimir Lenin in his own words:

'Russians are shitheads!'

<figcaption>He was a half-breed, Russia-hating, monster</figcaption>
He was a half-breed, Russia-hating, monster

'Pure-blood Russians are racists, scoundrels at heart, and rapists!'

Lenin himself was one quarter-Jewish and part Mongolian and German.

He famously gave an order to have 1 million Russian Cossacks executed.

He gave many orders to use the crudest kind of terror tactics in the Russian civil war.

He ordered the brutal execution of the Tsar, the Tsar's immediate family, relatives, and servants.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky is one of Russia's most colorful and popular politicians because he is a great talker and entertainer, and he is a gifted comic. The first video is an amazing 3 minute excerpt from a speech he gave in parliament.

Well worth a listen. (full transcript follows - it is an eye-opener)

In the second video, which is 10 minutes, Zhirinovsky, in his own, inimitable style, argues that the Communists were a disaster for Russia, and blows up the whole idea that the country made great progress under them. He thinks it is the opposite - that they almost destroyed the country with their endless murdering and bone-headed economic policies.  (Full transcript follows after transcript of 1st video)

Not a pure-blood Russian among them - and all of them vicious murderers

Ripping stuff.

Full transcript to first video:

Russophobia! - and who was the teacher?
Comrade Lenin!
A few quotes...

'Russians are lazy workers'
'We need to swindle these stupid 'Ivans''
'If we don't, we'll never take power'
'I don't give a damn about Russia!'
'Russians are shitheads!'
'Pure-blood Russians are racists, scoundrels at heart, and rapists!'

Lenin's own words!
From multiple sources!
A million Cossacks were being held prisoner...
Lenin's order? ...

'Shoot every last one of them!'

He wrote to the Bolsheviks in Penza:

'Conduct a public hanging of at least 100 prosperous peasants...
... and make sure people see this...'

In 1917, he urged executing 10% of all unemployed workers...
... as a way to deal with huge mass unemployment!

To a Soviet Jewish functionary in Switzerland Lenin ordered:

'Give the Russian morons the following job...
... have them send clippings of stories to Russia... instead of whole newspapers ...
... like these idiots have been doing!'

This is all Lenin!

'Take some soldiers from the rear hostage...
... put them in the front lines of our Red Army...
... and shoot them in the back!'
'Send our killers to towns where our opponents were in charge...
... have them disguise themselves as our opponents...
... and execute: - bureaucrats, the rich, priests, wealthy peasants, landed gentry! ...
... and pay 100,000 rubles per head to the murderers!'

Today in Ukraine they are paying $US 10,000!

Full transcript to the 2nd video:

-I didn't want to speak.
- Deputy Rospirtshev came out to speak on a completely different subject.
-Suddenly, deputy Nikitchuk come out here and started throwing dirt, personally on me.
-This, of course, causes backlash. I will talk, since you want it.
-And I start with Lenin, so you all know why he ''exploded''.
-My deputies are conducting ''round table'' discussions, and one of the ''round tables'' was dedicated
-to role of Lenin persona.
-They, communists, didn't liked it!
-They decided we must not ''touch'' Lenin.
-Apparently, they are afraid that we started campaign to get him out of Mausoleum.
-There is fence there, under the guise of reconstruction, you can get him out, if someone wanted it.
-So, they decided that we are doing it on purpose. We are not doing anything on purpose.
-I didn't even participated in that ''round table''! I didn't even understood what they are talking about, at first.
-But then, Nikitchuk blurted, like: ''There you are conducting ''round tables'', ''kicking'' dead!''
-We must not kick the dead, but Thatcher is dead too, maybe we shouldn't kick her either?!
-It was her, who destroyed the Soviet Union! It was her, who seducted your last General Secretary!
-The Gorbachev! He was pussy whip of his wife, she is dead too! We shouldn't ''touch'' her as well?!
-We shouldn't touch Yeltsin as well?! We shouldn't touch Stalin as well?! Who can we touch?!
-Zyuganov (communist leader)?! OK, let's touch him instead! If we can only touch Zyuganov, since he is still alive, for the moment!
-And I suggested to put him near Lenin! He would have lyed there a couple of years already!
-That's why if you telling us not to touch Lenin, well, go to Myasnitskaya street, all deputies, I beg you!
-In your break, quick march! On Myasnitskaya, buy all the books about the red terror, all archives, all, so to say, numbers!
- Bolsheviks have put to the ground 24 million people! During the civil war! Can you imagine?!
-Another 30 millions during the Great Patriotic War! And during a 100 years, because this is basically continuing,
-These elements, connected to Soviet government, 100 millions they put to the ground!
-100 million people! Laying in graves! And not only this! Bolsheviks slaughtered all the elite!
-The best supervisors, scientists, officers, policemen, detectives! All the best!
-Or sent to Gulag, to Siberia, or just shot!
-Open works of your saint Lenin! On every page there is: Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Open them! 55 volumes!
-You communists don't read works of your Lenin yourself! Open! On every page: Shoot! Only 1 verb this person knew!
-Maybe he was smart! We are not saying that he was an idiot! But we are talking about consequences!
-The whole Central Comitee of Bolsheviks was against the October revolution! Only 3 people wanted it: Lenin, Trotsky and Sverdlov!
-They performed it and headed it! Who gave the money for this revolution?!
-Sverdlov's brother, an American banker! From America! There's your fifth coloumn sat in the Kremlin on the second day after the revolution!
-It's all open today! Everything is known! When Sverdlov died, they found his safe full of foreign currency!
-And golden jewelry decorations! Well, where is the whole Russian gold reserve?! Jewelry?!
-Everything Tzars and Russian people accumulated, over a 1000 years, they started to bring out abroad!
-Yes, they build factories and manufactories! They robbed the country! How did they built factories and manyfactories?!
-Gulag built! They were excellent workers! People, who were doomed to die! Who introducted Tzar's forced labour?!
-Tzar prohibited forced labour! Bolsheviks introducted it again in 1943!
-In 1943 your Stalin introducted the concept forced labour! When there were not enough prisons!
-Not enough camps! Not enough tortures! Not enough orphanages! And they was sending people to force labour, in addition!
-So you take a look what's happening today in our country! A comrade spoke and said: all Kolkhoz are going to close!
-That's because nobody wanted Kolkhoz! They forced people in!
-I was quite in country, untill the 1929! Because Lenin, your Lenin realized that: Turn back to capitalism immideately!
-He was ashamed! So he said: New economical policy! Translated to everyday language: Back to capitalism! We have not
-Been able to do anything, guys! Militarized communism is death for people!
-What did Bolsheviks introducted in the first hours of their existance?! Militarized communism!
-Take everything away! Yes, there were 2 concepts! Distribute! Um, how did they put it?! We don't need any money!
-Can you imagine what they have said?! What rubbish?! They said: Only products!
-Peasants made bread, we take it! We give it to workers! We take products from workers, we give it to peasants!
-What do we need money for?! -What do we need money for?!
-This is what they wanted, but it didn't worked! Lenin had realized, that militarized communism had completely failed!
-And introducing a new economical policy! But Stalin, on the other hand, was completely ignorant!
-He decided to continue! He understood, that if the new economical policy will continue,
-Then Bolsheviks are going to be thrown out! Because peasants were going up, again!
-They had much bread again! The master! And he was deciding, the owner! To sell or not to sell!
-And Stalin thought: Why you not gonna sell to me, peasant?! We are going to take it away from you!
-And took all the bread away by force! From all peasants! And the peasants were eliminated! Eliminated!
-First husband of my mother, an Emergency Comitee officer, took out Russian peasants to Siberia!
-When he was coming back he was vomiting at home! He told: Healthful and strong Russian men!
-We came to Siberia, we opened heated rail cars, and they were going straight to Taiga! To the snow!
-Whoever managed to take axes, they made dugouts! They stayed alive! Everyone else died!
-Women, children and elders - all died! Some of richer grown ups, who managed to come with axes, in those heated rail cars,
-With nails, they managed to do something!
-It was all coming straight through me! He shot my mother! He couldnt shoot at home!
-They put her to the wall, he didn't killer her, but he was shooting!
-Even the Emergency Comitee officers went mad from that red terror that you commited!
-And what did your beloved Stalin did?! He slaughtered the whole Lenin's party!
-Everyone he eliminated untill 1940, all of them were the best communists! All of them! All of them!
-He shot the whole original Soviet government! He shot everyone! There were already Soviet command structure grew up!
-30.000 officers and generals! He eliminated all of them! Leutenants were commanding divisions!
-What the hell is this?!
-They were begging him at June 22: The war is tomorrow! But he was still hesitating!
-At night, at 03:00, a telegram was sent ordering combat areas to enitiate full combat readiness!
-Well, where are the bullets?! Bullets in the rearward! The new border had not been established! The old one - destroyed!
-This is how Stalin got ready for war! He was ashamed! For 10 days, he couldn't speak to people!
-He was ashamed, when Voenkov, Koganovich, Molotov, came at July 28 to Kuntsevo, to his country house,
-He thought they came to arrest him! He raised his hands! That's it! He should have been arrested and shot!
-Right there! In Kuntsevo! But! They came to bow at his feet, and, decide what to do from now on!
-Then he emboldened and spoke at July 3!
-When millions of soldiers were already captured! Millions were executed! The whole aviation destroyed!
-Artillery was carried by horses! And no bullets! Can you imagine?!
-OK, so you didn't managed to do everyhting, but bring the bullets! A child can understand, that
-Artillery without shells is not an artillery! Tanks without petrol and ariplanes without kerosene can't do anything!
-That's why, a crime over a crime! Mistake over mistake! And Stalin, your Stalin, had prohibited military parades!
-He, your Stalin was ashamed! He knew that he was not the victor! The victor was Russian people!
-But in 1945 he ran them to camps again! All Russian POW's, when they got back from German camps,
-On the west they awarded medals to them! Whoever was in German captivity! English! Americans! French! Hollandaise!
-Only Russians, instead of medals, ran to camps again! And set them free only in 1955!
-For 10 yearsm Russian soldiers were either in German prison, either in Soviet!
-And how wouldn't they start drinking?! And of course, general drunkenness!
-After this terror! This cruelty! This violence! This mockery over the country!
-And in every city there's a monument to this man! He is the primary criminal of the whole humanity! Your Lenin!
-The primary! For he committed political upheaval! Which Bolsheviks celebrated! For 10 years!
-They understood that it clearly was, at night, committed, with armed force...
-Today this is a crime! People get arrested for this, and get life centences, all participants of such upheavals!
-That's why from the first Lenin's slogan: Let's turn imperialistic war into civil war!
-This crime started in 1916! And it is continuing up to this day!
-And today the communists do not want to support Nabiulina, because her program is contavercial to theirs!
-What, did you forgot that you are no longer the ruling party?!
-Why in the hell, ministers and federal officials, must compare their program with program of one of the parties?!
-It would be awful! Awful! Nowhere in the world there are a party's course! Not in USA, nor in EU!
-Only with you! You are still Bolsheviks! You are still sitting!
-I'm going to continue tomorrow! And we will talk more about taking out Lenin from Mausoleum, and we going to suggest it!
-Thank you, Vladimir Volfovich.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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