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Russians Are Race Realists, Eugenics and Risks to White Race Widely Discussed

This article is written by Anna Nemtsova, an ex-Soviet Jewess whose main journalistic preoccupation is hating on Russia’s “useless bachelors” and trying to convince their women to miscegenate with swarthy lotharios from the Global South instead.

The emerging notion that genetic security is part of national security is still unclear to most Russian citizens, but already it receives lavish funding. In late April, Russian authorities approved a budget of 220 billion rubles ($3.3 billion) in order to develop new genetic technologies over the next eight years. The document published on the government’s website says that the main purpose of the program is “to decrease critical dependence of Russian science on foreign genetic and biological databases” and on foreign specialized software and other technologies.

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Russia does indeed ban the export of “biomaterial”, which is the reason why 23andme tests are inaccessible here. It would at least be good if there were to be Russian equivalents.

“I have never heard Putin or anybody else in the Kremlin mention the word ‘race,’” Svetlana Gannushkina, a senior human rights defender helping migrants told The Daily Beast on Wednesday. “But once Putin said to me: ‘I agree we need migrants, but preferably well-educated Slavs of a fertile age.’”

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Good to see that PUTLER is listening to me, as opposed to liberal normie soyboys and BASED EURASIANISTS (but not redpilled) who share a common goal in turning Russia into Greater Turkestan.

However, Putin still needs to formally disavow his prior comments that people who believe that “Russia is for Russians” (i.e. ~50% of the Russian population) are idiots or provocateurs before I will be ready to acknowledge him as PUTLER.

There is even a group suggesting the Constitution of the Russian Federation be edited to help build a new ideology around the nation’s genes.

A member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Taliya Khabriyeva, suggested that a new ideology should embrace “values genetically typical of Russians,” constitutionally defined. Khabriyeva’s idea provoked a wide discussion in academic circles.

PUTLER is reading not just me, but spandrell too: “Yes, it would be much better if we had solid measures of not only intelligence, but creativity, integrity, decisiveness, leadership abilities, and whatnot. If we had, we’d surely find out that different ethnic groups have different distributions of every trait. We could even use them to define the national character of many countries, and perhaps plausibly use that definition to set a psychological legal standard for the demographics a country wants to maintain. Perhaps we’ll get there some day. But we’re not there yet.” I recall that Greg Cochran had similar ideas.

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“There is a huge hype about genetic editing in Russia, mostly among billionaires,” pro-Kremlin political analyst Yuriy Krupnov told The Daily Beast earlier this month. “One procedure costs around $1 million abroad, so it sounds like a good business, but even if Russia develops its own technology, biological big data would require much bigger investments.”

I suppose it is better that they spend money on this than the typical money Russian oligarchs spend their money on.

This interest is not too surprising. Elisabeth Schimpfössl in her recent book Rich Russians note that Russian oligarchs have an inordinate interest in their family histories, especially as it relates to aristocratic pedigrees.

The nationalist tone of this talk about “Russian genes” is raising alarms. Alexander Verkhovsky, director of the SOVA Center, monitoring Russian far-right groups and hate crimes, was stunned to hear Putin’s statement in 2017. “Putin’s words came out of the blue, without any introductions or explanations, as if there was a moment of insanity,” Verkhovsky, who was present at the meeting, told The Daily Beast. From Putin, he said, “We often hear conspiracy ideas but until recently his nationalist political statements have mostly focused on empowerment and reconstruction of the Russian empire rather than white supremacists’ ideas about the biology of ethnicity or race.” …

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When I spoke of the PUTLERREICH I did so in jest.

But hey, since Western libs believe you’re the “godfather of extreme nationalism” anyway, why not do the crime if you’re doing the time.

Looks like I made the right call to stop worrying and learn to love Putin again. How could I possibly stay mad at one of my biggest fans?

More recently, architects of the well-funded Russian biodefense program have been reading a book called The Genetic Bomb that openly discusses eugenics and what the author, Yuriy Bobylov, calls the risks to the white race, according to one of those involved. “The creation of a ‘super-human,’ a ‘hero,’ is possible, in principle,” Bobylov wrote, “but that is a very difficult social task.”

The theory that genomics companies cooperate with Western intelligence services to compile databases that could be used to create ethnic bioweapons is not a fringe one in Russia. It is rumored to have been the primary motivation for the ban on the export of human biomaterial in 2007.

I am pretty skeptical about the possibility of ethnic bioweapons, at least while our knowledge of genetics remains pretty primitive. Races are not separated by single genes, but by many genes that occur in varying frequencies across populations, so any ethnic bioweapon would rebound on its creators. Unless you preemptively innoculate your own population… but in that case, wouldn’t just taking smallpox out of the freezer be much easier and more effective anyway? Moreover, a bioweapon designed to be used against Russians would also wipe out most Slavs, including Poles.

That said, I am not going to be criticizing the security people with thinking about all kinds of possible threats. That’s their job, after all.

Last year, the government ordered Russian scientists and bureaucrats to develop a large-scale study of the so-called “Russian genome.” …

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“We hear too much nonsense about ‘Russian genes’ in our multi-ethnic country,” Pavel Lobkov, a biologist who is currently a presenter on independent Rain TV, told The Daily Beast.

Nevertheless, Putin has ordered the government to provide Russians with passports by 2025 that include their genetic identification.

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