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Russians and Foreigners Are Rushing to Invest in Siberia's Booming Heavy Industry (Russian TV)

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Despite US sanctions, business is booming in the far-eastern Siberian region of Krasnoyarsk Krai. The huge region, larger than Greenland, is known mainly for its abundance of natural resources, especially nickel, copper, coal, gold, platinum, and timber. And other industries are moving into the area as well, and some are garnering the interest of foreign investors, as this report from Vesti explains.


- Who are your clients?

Mikhail Kopylov, representative of the Sever company:

- We have different clients. Half of them are individuals, and the other half is legal entities.

- Are they intelligence services?

- They're intelligence services, the MChS, service firms which do maintenance works on water canals. They're Rosoboronzakaz, nature reserves, national parks, and municipal institutions.

- So, can we say that they rescue people and do other things using your vehicles?

- You're absolutely right. They can be used for rescue missions, delivery, and outdoor activities.

They began to make their vehicles in a garage. They were a small business in a 2,000-sq. foot room. They made first boats for themselves as they were hunters. Then, they made them for their friends. Then, word-of-mouth marketing started to work. Now, they occupy 130,000 square feet where they make models, taking a client's wishes into consideration. Vehicles can be frost-resistant, heat-resistant, with a fridge, kitchen, and TVs.

Mikhail Kopylov:

- We offer 11 models today.

- How many vehicles do you produce per year on an average?

- As of now, we make about 14 boats per month.

In addition to it, the company is developing the market of all-terrain vehicles. Tires with low pressure are suitable for riding over snow, swamps, rivers. By the way, the vehicle's interior isn't very austere. So far, they produce two such vehicles per month. But that's only for now.

By the way, the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum is also remarkable for overcoming bumps, but way bigger ones. Among other things, they told there that the products of Rusal's aluminum plant, which we visited, will be back on the US and European markets. The sanctions have been lifted. In general, given that representatives of 30 countries signed agreements for 600 billion rubles ($9.5 billion), cooperation with Russia and Krasnoyarsk Krai, in particular, is more interesting than political stunts.

- Can we say that foreign investors, for example, are gradually [warming up], that they don't want to look at those politics and are guided by their own interests?

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Alexander Uss, Governor of Krasnoyarsk Krai: I think that you're absolutely right. But actually, business does what's profitable for it despite various political obstacles. That's true. One of the projects which we expect in the near future is that an Austrian company producing magnesite starts to operate here. We have three projects that are competing with each other. Competition is a good thing. They're the projects to create a pulp and paper mill. Two of them are connected with foreign investments in some way.”

Economic development is like the Yenisei which [is fed by many tributaries], that is, enterprises. Everyone makes his contribution: creates ideas, help ideas not to freeze on the shelf but become projects. After all, a sure-footed enterprise is a great asset not only for Krasnoyarsk Krai but for entire Russia.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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