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Russian TV Shreds Syria Gassing Fraud - Finds Kid Who Took Part in Hoax Video

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The so-called 'journalists' in the mainstream media seem to be the last people to realize that the US/UK/Israel Syrian gassing hoax is coming apart at the seams. Alternative media has gone unanimously against it, as well as some in the mainstream.

And now this bombshell from Russian state television.

It really is stupendous. Take a few minutes to watch this or read the transcript below. There cannot be any doubt - the so-called Syria gassing was a fraud, and there is no way the countries who launched missile strikes in response didn't know this.

The really interesting question is, what happens now? Does anyone get called to account for almost starting WW3 with a fraudulent false flag?

Stay tuned. Transcript follows below video.

This week's scoop is what our military correspondent Evgeny Poddubny discovered in Syria. It was an 11-year-old Syrian boy whose name is worth remembering forever: Hassan Diab. Zhenya Poddubny will tell us about him in a minute, but first let's look at the intrigue around the mission of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, the OPCW, which is in Syria.

In theory, these experts must either confirm or deny that a chemical attack allegedly took place in the city of Douma near Damascus. The video of it posted on YouTube was the pretext for a missile strike launched on Syria by America, Britain, and France.

It occurred despite the fact that our military and journalists were the first to arrive at the site of the alleged incident and confirmed the fact that there had been no chemical attack. YouTube only has a poorly-made fake. And now Russia and Syria are more interested in truth and unbiased investigation than anyone else.

We were the first to suggest inviting OPCW experts to Douma. We also assumed the responsibility of ensuring the safety of this mission. Moreover, US and French experts were invited to participate as well. Washington and Paris did not refuse, but they did not put forth any candidates either.

And now the US and France accuse Russia of allegedly preventing OPCW officials from visiting the crime scene, implying that the Russians need time to 'disinfect' and 'mop up the evidence.'

We're already used to the deception in all these stories. Both Western politicians voice them, as well as their media and even the UN Security Council. We'll return to the issue today more than once.

For now, here's Evgeny Poddubny's report on the debunked lies:

It's our first meeting with Hassan; this 11-year-old boy is living proof that Western countries use lies to justify their illegal actions. Hassan Diab is puzzled, of course, he doesn't understand why he's been in the spotlight lately.

It's simple: the boy fell victim to a chemical attack by government forces in Douma on April 7, which was the pretext for the American-British-French strike. The video shows unidentified people giving first aid to the boy in a Douma hospital in the aftermath of the chemical attack. Well, it's all acting; they pour water on him and shake him. Wet and frightened, Hassan doesn't understand what is going on. That evening, he was already home. It is clear that the child is fine. Here's what the boy said in his first interview with our TV channel.

Hassan Diab: "We were in the basement, Mom said we had nothing to eat, that we'd eat only the next day. We heard people shouting in the street: 'Go to the hospital!' We ran to the hospital, and as soon as I got there, they grabbed me and started to pour water on me. They put us on beds next to other people".

We showed Hassan the video the White Helmets made. He quickly recognized himself. Then the child went to the very hospital in Douma. The props are still there.

Hassan Diab: "They used this hose to water me, and then they sat me on this couch. People were running around me, and I was scared. I did not understand what was happening".

When the shooting was over, the wet and terrified child was taken to the second floor of the hospital.

Hassan Diab: "They told me to sit here, and they gave me dates, cookies, and some rice".

Omar, Hassan's father, says his son did not have any symptoms of poisoning, neither did his neighbors.

Omar Diab: "When I learned that the child was in the hospital, I asked for the day off work and ran there. There was no chemical weapon. I smoked outdoors and felt nothing. I found my family in the hospital. The militants gave dates, cookies, and rice to all the participants and let everyone go home. My child was perfectly fine".

Hassan is in good health. However, the child is lucky to be alive. Foreign special services are known to eliminate all witnesses in such cases. Militants left much evidence in Douma. Apparently, something went wrong.

The White Helmets filmed the result of the chemical attack in this ward of the Douma hospital. Now it's clear that everything was staged. The hospital staff confirmed it. Today, the same people work in the hospital as on the day of filming. This medical professional describes what happened on April 7.

Baraa Badran, employee of the Douma hospital: "No victims affected by toxic agents were admitted to our hospital on April 7. Yes, there were people who began to water themselves with a hose, but there were no appropriate symptoms. Several buildings were destroyed that day, and there were fires. Many people had breathing problems due to the dust and smoke. They were brought here, and we provided them medical care. Suddenly someone rushed in, shouting: "Chemical attack!" People began to pour water all over themselves. They actually had no symptoms of poisoning".

Well, here is another piece of the puzzle which will allow us to see the whole picture. It's the radicals' underground laboratory. The militants are likely to have used this lab to prepare a provocation in Douma via chemical weapons. Chlorine was produced here. Technical papers and reagents were found here too.

The militants could have used this lab to produce toxic agents for their own military purposes. Over the past few years, independent experts have documented dozens of chemical attacks conducted by the radicals. But the West ignores these cases. However, it is understandable. They also turn a blind eye to the vast amount of evidence proving that foreign intelligence agencies are orchestrating and producing fake videos in Syria to demonize Assad's government.

It's Fares Muhammad Mayas, a former Jaysh Al-Islam militant. This Duma resident was practically an assistant director. The director was a Syrian who studied in the UK. Here's what the militant has to say.

Fares Muhammad Mayas: "We also filmed kids scattered in the street: in cars, near cars, under cars, all of them played dead. Their faces were yellow. We also filmed the people we brought with us. We put them on the ground, splashed water on them and made them look like chemical attack victims. We needed to make people look like they were really ill, not just pretending; it had to be convincing. It took us about five to seven takes to get that done".

Hassan Diab's father is ready to testify in Geneva, the Hague, and New York. Here, it won't go the same way it did with Powell's vial.

Evgeny Poddubny, Alexander Bilibov, Alexander Pushin, Stanislav Yelovsky for Vesti — News of the Week from Douma, Syria.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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