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Russian TV Really Hates Bolton, Keeps Hounding Him for His Shady Super PACs Pushing ZOG Agenda

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However, let's talk about Ukrainegate. This is Valentin Bogdanov reporting from New York.

John Bolton spent less than a day jobless. The former NSA [National Security Advisor] is self-employed again. He heads two of his political action committees. They call them "super PACs" in the U.S. The headquarters is just four blocks away from the White House. So they didn't even have to move very far. They just had to dust off their political baggage. And the incubator of American hawks is back at work again.

John Bolton: “America is a powerful country. And we need senators, who understand that our position in the world promotes peace and stability.”

The list of senators, whom Bolton is going to help with re-election in 2020 is attached. The first $10,000 will be given to the five committed to a safe national security policy, based on consistency and decisiveness.

Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, also uses these principles as a basis. For him, the U.S.'s national interests are somewhere in the Ukrainian steppe. This is actually true for Bolton, too.

John Bolton, former NSA to the U.S. President: “People in the U.S. fought for their independence, sovereignty. We understand what this fight means. Therefore, our people sympathize with the Ukrainian people.”

Paying floral tributes to the memorial to the Ukrainian servicemen killed in Donbass is a part of the program of Bolton's last tour around Kiev as a national security advisor. Trump is likely to have sent him to Ukraine to outplay China. The White House's head wanted to prevent the Motor Sich enterprise in Zaporozhye from being sold to Chinese companies. But Bolton got absorbed in the game and provided way more support to the partners than needed. Trump probably could swallow that. But the White House leader treats Ukraine almost as a personal matter.

John Varoli, journalist: “Trump has a grudge against Ukraine for sure because he, as well as many experts, think that under Poroshenko, Ukraine helped the Democrats collect compromising materials against Trump. Well, it actually happened. Therefore, as a pretty unforgiving person, Trump didn't forget that. One can see that he treats Ukraine very coldly. He isn't ready to help Ukraine with its conflict with Russia.”

This is about the so-called secret ledger of the Party of Regions. There, Trump's opponents found dirt on his main political consultant Paul Manafort.

Alexandra Chalupa, a daughter of Ukrainian migrants, was responsible for discrediting the republican candidate. In the National Democratic Committee, that is, the headquarters of Clinton's party, she worked on the Russian content. She was well-compensated. From 2004 to 2016, Chalupa made almost $1 million. However, she remained in the shadow. She demonstrated her sister for the press.

Andrea Chalupa, Alexandra Chalupa's sister: “My sister played an important role in the Democratic Party where she was responsible for finding and studying information about Manafort.”

To make voters believe in Russian hackers and that Trump is the Kremlin's agent, they first had to convince them that Manafort rolled in the cash from Ukrainian regionalists. Poroshenko's protege, anti-corruption prosecutor Nazar Kholodnitsky thoroughly examined those ledger books. The Rada deputy from Pyotr Poroshenko's Bloc Sergey Leshchenko, who was a journalist and investigator of the Ukrainskaya Pravda before the Maidan, was responsible for informational support. It was he who carried out the headline-making "leak" without providing the original.

“The Party of Regions' ledger book saved the world. Manafort, who hand-fed Yanukovich, shamefully leaves. I think that Trump won't recover from such a blow.”

Leshchenko, who bet on Clinton and Poroshenko, roughly miscalculated. Rudolph Giuliani, Trump's personal attorney, now calls him the U.S. president's enemy. It was because of such people as Leshchenko, Giuliani canceled his visit to Kiev.

Rudolph Giuliani, Donald Trump's attorney: “Based on what I heard from two very reliable people, I'm convinced that President Zelensky is surrounded by people, who are the president's enemies and who are clearly corrupt, at least in one case, and are involved in that scheme.”

In essence, it was the first signal to Poroshenko's successor from the Trump Administration that it's time for Zelensky to choose what side he is on. Kiev either failed to decipher the signal or turned a blind eye to it. The message of the Washington Post' editorial column didn't leave Zelensky's team space for doubt.

“Trump isn't just soliciting Ukraine's help with his presidential campaign; but he uses Kiev's attempts to get the U.S.' military aid, which the country desperately needs.”

This isn't about grudges of the times of the battle with Clinton but the current race. Trump's circle wants to obtain evidence of corruption by the former vice president and probably Trump’s main rival in the next election Joe Biden. It was he who patronized the Maidan authorities under Obama, getting his son Hunter a job in the Burisma gas company, operating in Ukraine. Biden now escapes from awkward questions.

- Mr. Vice President, what was your role in that? Is it a conflict of interest?

One can hide from journalists in a big black SUV for sure. But one is unlikely to hide from tenacious Guiliani. Trump's attorney already picked up this trail. In Madrid, he met with Zelensky's assistant Andrey Ermak. They discussed not only Biden Jr.'s multi-million income but also the way his father tried to hide the expanding corruption. Heads of three committees of the Congress's House of Representatives on international affairs, intelligence, and state supervision, all of which are Democrats, of course, announced the beginning of the investigation against Giuliani. They claimed that the attorney intended to obtain information, which would facilitate Trump's re-election in 2020, from the Ukrainian authorities. As for Bolton, he just happened to be in their way.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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