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Russian TV On the Ground with Turkey's Migrant Horde Trying to Force Their Way Into Greece

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned on Monday that "millions" of migrants would soon head for Europe, drawing accusations from EU leaders that he is trying to pressure them into backing his incursions into Syria.

Here's something the mainstream media, which is trying to stuff as many migrants as possible into the West, don't want you to see. Thank heavens for Russian journalism.

Transcript below.


Ankara reported the exact number of refugees who had already left Turkey but had not officially entered Greece.

130,469 people - In other words, these are illegal immigrants.

Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis arrived in the border Fere, and called Turkey "the official smuggler of migrants."

Austrian Chancellor Kurtz also accused Ankara of "attacking the EU."

Aytach Dzharchieva and Alexey Konopko report from the border.

Thousands of refugees are now pulled west of Turkey.

All these people have been besieging the border for the past few days and have not stopped trying to break into Greece. The border for most of them is still closed, but more and more refugees continue to stay here every day. They set up natural tent camps right on the side of the road but there are not enough tents in which you can hide from the piercing wind. You have to sleep right on the ground, make bonfires. Entire families flee to Europe, including small children.

Almost no one had any hope of joining the EU legally. They cross the border illegally. But they succeed only one by one.

We tried to cross the border illegally. They attacked us. Look, we even lost our sneakers. They stole us. They stole money, they stole our wallet. They didn’t let us go there.

As a rule, migrants cross the Mary River or make holes in the border fence.

According to the Greek authorities, more than 20 thousand attempts to violate the border were stopped in three days. Hundreds of migrants have been arrested.

Quite different figures are given by the Turkish side.

Allegedly, more than 100 thousand people were able to penetrate into the EU.

This is the main regional route of the province of Evros, which borders with Turkey.

If you hijack a car here you can leave, anywhere.And this river is the border of the European Union. A few tens of meters of water - that’s the whole obstacle to illegal migration. Migrants tried to overcome it already 25 thousand times. Almost always unsuccessfully.

Nevertheless, they keep a close watch on the “non-existent” border: as soon as they stopped on the highway, policemen appeared almost out of nowhere.

Reporters are now giving explanations at the site.

Later they explained to us: they check every stopped car. After all, they can pick up those who managed to cross the border. They go in that direction - to the city of Kamatini. They are not there during the day, only at night

 Chrysulia Theodorido drives a taxi along the border. She does not believe in the hundred and thirty thousand people who crossed the border, which are spoken of in Ankara, but she sees small groups regularly. Afghans, Pakistanis, dark-skinned people come here. There are no Syrians.

We have already learned how to distinguish everyone. If I take them in a taxi, they will put me in prison for 10 years! No, we will call the police right away. And we’ll go home. It's scary!

Military SUVs in the border zone are now more common than civilian vehicles.

From today, the army began firing from military weapons. This is called an exercise, but the message is clear: migrants are ready to fight back.

Toward evening, under the protection of combat helicopters, almost the entire European “elite” arrives at the checkpoint along with the Greek Prime Minister.

This is no longer a refugee-only problem. It is a blatant blow from Turkey that uses desperate people to advance its geopolitical interests and divert attention from the terrible situation in Syria.

Athens - full support from Brussels and 700 million euros to the fight.

What the Greeks think about this is obvious.

In the meantime, there are more and more problems with those who have already lived in camps since 2015.

On Lesbos, where another thousand refugees broke through in three days,  the Afghans staged a march, destroying an Orthodox church along the way.

As the locals say, this is not the first time.

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