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This Russian TV of Extreme Police Brutality Against Yellow Vests in Paris Will Shock You - Western Media Silent

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

This video is featured in an absolutely mindboggling story we ran last Saturday, which if you haven't seen, is a must read: Macron Unleashes Massacre on His Own People; Paris Is a War Zone Now.  It has a large number of absolutely shocking videos of very brutal police behavior.

Here is the most comprehensive video of the bunch, a story made by the main Russian TV news channel, Rossiya-1. Transcript follows below.

Another interesting related story is something we ran on Sunday, about how the Russian media are the only ones covering this, and how the Russian channel RT is gaining a strong following in France among Yellow Vest sympathizers, who like most Americans, are completely disgusted with their media, which they believe is lying to them, demonstrably so when it comes to the Yellow Vests. They also use the term 'Fake News media' to describe them: RT Is Popular in France for Covering the Yellow Vests, the French Also Hate Their 'Fake News' Media


Today, Notre-Dame was in a different list — a list of prohibited places for the yellow vests to go. And they're celebrating the first anniversary of their... Their what? Is it a protest or is it already a movement?

Reporting from the scene is Anastasia Popova, our correspondent in Europe.

The yellow vests movement is celebrating its birthday loudly. There are more than 300 demonstrations in the country's biggest cities. Three of them are in Paris. It was prohibited to gather on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, unlike the Place d'Italie, but the demonstration never started. The square turned into a battlefield. Heavy fighting with the police occurs in one area after another.

There are a lot of wounded, among them are journalists as well. A rubber bullet penetrated a faceguard and hit a man in the face. Several people lost consciousness. About a hundred medics are taking them to the field hospital, which was set up here as well. Head injuries, abrasions... One even had an epileptic seizure.

Jean Guy, doctor: “Several people were wounded by rubber bullets. We told the police that it's a first-aid station and asked them to stop using gas on us, but they keep doing it despite the wounded people inside.”

Barricades are burning. Not only stones and bottles, but even barrels are now being thrown at the police. People are flipping and setting parked cars and motorcycles on fire. A construction site is burning. Those who came for a peaceful demonstration ended up trapped. But they can't get out. City authorities are pulling the gathering permit. The police surround the square and disperse the crowd by any means, including the use of water cannons.

Black bloc protesters are surely not the yellow vests, but what they're doing here clearly shows the mood of all of French society. For 53 weeks in a row, people walked out for peaceful protests, but after a year, they finally got tired of it.

The anger of the youth is unleashed on the streets. A shopping center is smashed along with shop windows, bus stops, and banks.

“We've been coming out here for a year already, but nothing changes. We demand social justice. We want decent salaries. Democracy in France is in danger.”

They assure that all the concessions made by the authorities, and there weren't many of them over the year, were offset by other laws. The economic situation has gotten even worse. Macron is accused of indulging the rich and being disconnected from the reality of the French middle class. The poll shows that almost 70% of the French sympathize with the yellow vests to this day. It managed to become a grassroots movement without any clear leaders or organizations, a new phenomenon of French society, with which the politicians will have to reckon sooner or later.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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