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Russian Su-33 Jet Crashes While Landing on Carrier off the Coast of Syria

Second loss in a month, pilot is safe

A Russian Sukhoi-33 fighter jet has crashed in the Mediterranean while landing on its carrier, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement obtained by TASS on Dec. 5.

"After performing a combat mission over Syria a Sukhoi-33 fighter-jet overran the runway while trying to land on the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier. The rupture of the arresting cable was the reason," the report said.

The pilot ejected himself and was promptly taken on board the Admiral Kuznetsov by search and rescue service. His life is not in danger, the Defense Ministry said.

The ministry also reports that the Russian aircraft carrier-led group is continuing to operate in the Mediterranean in accordance with its plan, and all jets are continuing to carry out their missions.

This is the second incident within a month in which Russia's navy has lost a plane based on the Admiral Kuznetsov. On Nov. 13, a Russian MiG-29 fighter jet crashed into the Mediterranean when trying to land on the aircraft carrier after flying a mission. The crash was due to the failure of both engines.

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